Thursday, October 13, 2011

Random Ramblings of a Girl Who Thinks Too Much

The first day that Roger was back from his trip we went on a mini-date (with Anna of course) to the Whistle Stop to eat lunch.

It was nice.

Then we walked through the town of Glendale talking while Anna skipped along the sidewalk.
We ended up in the grave yard.
Why is it that every time we are on a date we end up in a grave yard?

While in said graveyard Anna announced to the dead that she needed to pee.
I let her squat and pee in the graveyard.
Roger was horrified.
I told him to get over it.
He now loves me even more!

I got my hair cut today!
For some that is not THAT big of a deal.
For me it is MAJOR.
I have very little time to do anything for myself.
Roger offered to watch Anna for me but little miss Anna wanted to tag along.
She is obsessed with playing beauty shop so it was like her disney land.

The woman I go to is right down the street in an old remodeled home. 
 It's about a 8 min walk from the house.
We drove.
Don't judge.
It was raining REALLY hard.
I would have walked if I were ALONE but Anna was tagging along in pure bliss.
She stood silent the ENTIRE TIME I was in the therapist chair getting my hair cut.

We went to the library today!
I have a MASSIVE amount of fines on one of my cards. 
I think it is Paul's card that has over 20 dollars of fines on it.
Note to self..... the movies have REALLY BIG late charges.
 remembered to bring MY card to use for the kids so that I wouldn't get the librarian eye roll.
I hate when I get the librarian eye roll.
oh come on. 
As I was checking out I glanced at the "new books that are in this week" shelf.
I about PEED myself when I saw the book The Help just sitting there on the shelf saying "check me out. check me out. you have been looking for me for forever."
I squealed 'oh my gosh!!!!  It's here!!!" and grabbed the book, scaring the male librarian that was checking me out.... the books... not me..... what were you thinking I was meaning?

I made BLT's for lunch!!!
Anna and I made one up for Roger and surprised him at work.
I have to take care of the man.

While there Roger showed me a book Chris is letting us borrow called Stuff Christians Like by Jonathan Acuff.  
We read a little bit of it out loud, cracking up, bending over in laughter, getting yelled at my our 3 year old daughter that said we were "TOO LOUD" and have decided to read it together in the evenings.

Jonathan Acuff also writes a blog at
The book is CRACKING ME UP!!!
I can't wait to read more
Go check it out.

On the way back home from the office I forgot to role up my windows before hosing down the windshield with the washer fluid.
I hate when I do that.

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