Friday, October 21, 2011

Abraham's Herbs

So, I don't know if you've noticed but today has been a BEAUTIFUL day!

The weather has been plum near perfect.

This morning Anna and I worked on making my halloween costume.
She thought the hot glue gun was AMAZING.
She was determined to convince me to let her use it all by herself.
I burnt my finger a tad bit.
Roger was nervous for the both of us. 

On the way to get the supplies for the costume Anna and I stopped by the animal shelter.
I'd never been in one and was amazed at how sad it was there.
So prison like.
I'm not really a dog or cat person but man oh man those poor little animals.

This afternoon Roger came with us to pick Paul up from school since this is his day off.
we up and decided to take a random road trip to the birthplace of Abraham Lincoln. 
"hey Paul! ow was school!  wanna go on a road trip!??!"

The kids were absolutely amazing!
On the trail while we were walking I said.....
"fist bump Rog!! (then we fist bumped)  We are reaching the easier parenting phase and this is AWESOME!!! I'm so glad to be getting out of the toddler stage."

We hiked around the trail, looked at the log cabin, and watched Paul as he saw a sink hole for the first time.
"wow this is a real live sink hole. I'm looking in the earth!!"

The kids walked the ENTIRE time without screaming "I'm tired."
And let me tell ya, there were some good size hills for those little 3 year old legs of Anna's.
She just trotted on up them like she was a expert hiker.

After seeing the birthplace we decided to drive on down to the house Abraham spent his young boyhood.
Roger- "do you know who Abraham Lincoln was Paul?"
Paul- "yeah!"
Roger- "Who was he?"
Paul- "He was a principle!!!"

Don't worry we explained that he was a president not a principle.

While at the boyhood home we noticed they had a good sized herb garden set up with descriptions of what they used to use the herbs for in the olden days.
I saw some peppermint and knelt myself down and discreetly picked some, placing them in my jacket pocket.  I explained to the kids about the herbs, letting them try a few.
Anna found a near by weed and started chowing down on it...... "NO NO NO Anna that's a weed. YUCK NO NO NO"
She said "yummy!!  that one tastes like lettuce!"

Then I looked over to see Roger, with his pocket knife out, harvesting some spearmint.
"Roger!?!?!? oh my gosh."
I about died laughing.
I was a tad bit mortified.
Everyone around was looking at us, the rednecks, stealing from the herb garden at the historic sight of a former President.

I'm still feeling a tad bit bad for taking some herbs but I'm telling ya, this tea that I am having right now with these fresh herbs is mighty good!

"roger, we need to make our very own herb garden!!"

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  1. I've got a ton of mint if you want to take some. I'd hate for you to be arrested ...