Thursday, October 27, 2011

Night Time Randomness

I saw this video and smiled so big I just had to post it.

The summer that Roger and I got married I went to my first ever Hanson concert.

I have been a BIG Hanson fan since I was 13 but had never been to a concert.

I was 19 years old and a newly wed, seeing my favorite band live for the first time.

Roger, being Roger, wanted to sit way back in the balcony to enjoy the show from a distance.
Me, being me, wanted to be as close to the stage as possible and I wanted to DANCE!

By the middle of the show I had drug poor Roger up right in front of the stage.
By the end of the show I was pointing out Taylor Hanson's wife standing on the side of the stage watching her husband sing. "OH MY GOSH ROGER LOOK WHO IT IS!!!!!!!"
And by the end of the night I was standing by the tour bus talking to Isaac Hanson about my love for Charles Dickens as he signed my copy of Great Expectations.  

That was the only thing I had handy for him to sign. I had brought it with me to read while I waited in line to get into the concert. I had no intention on being a groupie by the bus but I guess I got so caught up in the moment.

As we were walking back to the car my husband was mortified that I not only drug him to a Hanson concert but that I made him wait by the tour bus with me like a crazy person.

We had only been married a month at the time.
I wonder if he thought :oh my gosh what have I gotten myself into."

I was on cloud nine. 
I, Jessica Jasper, just met Hanson!!!!!!!!
And not only that, but Isaac's favorite book is Great Expectations too!!!
OH MY GOSH I talked to Isaac HANSON about Charles Dickens!!!!!

When I became pregnant with our second child Anna, Roger took me to another Hanson concert.
Or maybe I begged him so much to take me that he finally caved in.
That night, even though I was with child, I danced like a wild woman.
I totally morphed back into 13 year old Jessica!
It was wonferful!
Roger just stood there, mortified once again, that he married such a crazy person.
Their concerts are just so much fun!!!

So unlike the Bob Dylan concert I went to with Rog and Tyler in Nashville.
That was awful.
That was the first time I ever got high off of second hand smoke.

My latest bug in my husbands ear is to take me to Nashville in December to see The Zac Brown Band.

He can NOT stand country music.
It has been our biggest head butt of our marriage,
He says I romanticize  country living too much and I say he needs to learn to ride a dirt bike.
Just recently he agreed to let me teach him to ride a dirt bike but I'm thinking I better teach him to drive a standard first then introduce him to the dirt bike.
But the fact that he is going to allow me to teach him these things is SOOOOO romantic.

He's also reading Jayber Crow by Wendell Berry for me and I'm telling ya,  that is HOT!!!
Someone taking the time to get to know you by reading a beloved book means a WHOLE LOT to me.

But ya know what else would mean a WHOLE lot to me?
A day in Nashville followed by a rockin' concert by The Zac Brown Band!

Using Charlie Sheens words, Roger, you would be WINNING if you made that happen!

And I promise I wont forget to get you a birthday gift this year!
Who's bright idea was it for you to be born the day after christmas anyway?

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