Monday, October 17, 2011

Boo at the Zoo

On Saturday, after spending all week with a SCREAMING Anna, Roger and I decided to pack the kids up and take them to the Zoo.
We are members of the Louisville Zoo and they have this really cool trick or treat thing there during October. If you're a member the first 2 weekends of october are free to get into the Halloween Bash but after that you have to pay.
So we went.

Honestly I didn't want to go. I was EXHAUSTED and very bitter about having to deal with the children ALL OF THE TIME.
I wanted a break.
As I was climbing in the car I said "Aren't grandparents suppose to be doing this crap. I'm tired."
seriously I was in an awful mood.
Anna has been SCREAMING like cRazy all week and all day.
We think she might have ANOTHER ear infection.

Today I had to call Roger "can you please come home. I am LEAVING. I'm done. I'm leaving."
I went to the gym for an hour and half while he dealt with the screaming child.

Back to Saturday.
We went to the zoo!!

Anna went as a monkey eating a banana and Paul went as spider man.

We waited in the car line for 30 min to get into the parking lot.
Then we stood 30 min in line to get into the zoo.
I had to pee REALLY BAD the entire time.
Roger kept patting my leg saying "we've committed to this. We've committed" because I kept saying "let's just go home. lets just go home."

My mood started to lighten up when I began to see the cute little kids in their adorable little costumes.
The mood lightened EVEN MORE when I finally made to the bathroom!

Once in, we got to walk around the Zoo visiting the characters and getting candy.

The kids were WONDERFUL!!  They sat in the stroller taking in the sights and sounds.
Roger and I enjoyed getting to talk without having to YELL OVER SCREAMING CHILDREN!!!

Grumpy did not want his picture taken.

"Roger look, look, LOOOOOOOK!  A big Rodeo coming to Louisville. Can we go?!?! CAn we go?!?!  can we Go?!??!?!?"

The Zoo trip ended up being a barrel of monkeys!!!

Paul was amazed to see the characters from Toy Story!

I was FLIPPEN excited to see Harry Potter and Hermine Granger!!
Me- "Roger can you take another picture I look like a dork in this one."
Roger-"no matter how many pictures I take you are still going to look like a dork. You just had your picture taken at a children's function with the characters from Harry Potter."

"Look Rog, it's my boyfriend!!!"

Anna about jumped out of the stroller when we got to this.
The child LOVES candy so seeing candy hanging from the trees made it very hard for her to contain herself.

Fred and Wilma!

Now that I think about it,  I'm not sure how offical this Pooh Bear was. 
All the other people in costumes had Zoo stickers to identify them as working at the zoo.
This Pooh Bear did not.
I MIGHT have just ran up to a stranger dressed like Pooh and said "OH MY GOSH a little old man dressed like Pooh Bear! can I have a picture with you?!?!?"
I really need to work on my filter.
I need to learn to process through things before I say them.

I saw these rabbit ears and thought I'd try to pull that sucker out of the ground, must be a huge rabbit.

Alice was running by, saw be working so hard at pulling up the rabbit and invited me to tea with the Mad Hattter!

After tea we thought that it would be a great idea to begin following the yellow brick road.

Upon further examination this pirate was NOT Johnny Depp, although he did wink  at me and say "Hello Love!" when I ran up to him in excitement.

Me -"Roger, that super man is HOT. can you take a quick picture of me with super man?"
Roger -"I am ALL the super man you need."
I pushed Paul up to take a picture in my place.

And I went and found WONDER WOMAN!!!

Paul climbed up on the roof and spider webbed his way down.

The kids enjoyed the hay maze. 

The carousel was open so we took advantage of a nice ride in the dark!

We caught Roger sneaking candy.
Roger -"to be fare, I found this on the ground."

On the way back to the car I saw this Father-Daughter duo and HAD to take a picture.
This is a picture of fatherhood. 

We didn't get back home until after 9pm but the Zoo trip was well worth it.
The kids had a blast and Roger and I got to feel as if we had a date night!
It helped to remind me of how nice it is to have this wonderful man to share all the ups and downs of parenthood with.
because MAN ALIVE parenthood is a crazy ass roller coaster of emotions.

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