Monday, October 24, 2011

My life is so hard....... NOT

I sometimes feel guilty for having so much fun playing with our children all day long while Roger slaves away at the church and at a 90 hour degree program to receive his M.Div.

FYI...... he is graduating in May!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The man drives 8 hours a week to Georgetown, ky to go to class ALL DAY LONG.  It is 2 hours there and 2 hours back plus the ALL DAY sitting in class plus the whole full time job as minister.

While he is taking classes, visiting people in the hospital, sitting with grieving families as they plan funerals for loved ones, researching to prepare a sermon, and studying like a mad man for all the classes he is taking, I am at home watching these lovely children grow.

Whenever I confess my guilt to him he gives me a "you are a crazy woman" look.
He says that knowing that I am home raising our children helps him get through the long days and nights of work, class and study. "At least one of us is with them!"

I really do have a wonderful time being the main caretaker of my children!
Don't get me wrong, when Paul was 2 and Anna was an infant it was crazy hard (click on that link to view a blog post I wrote during that time period.)

But now we are in the glorious preschool and kindergarten years!

First let me debunk a common misconception. Not ALL stay at home moms STAY AT HOME.
Anna and I love to go go go. 
We LOVe being part of a community.
Each day we are out and about.
We have exercise class, music class, library, grocery shopping, the zoo, the mall, play dates......... on and on. 

This morning Anna REALLY wanted to go play at the mall.

Here is her posing with her gum.
The child LOVES gum.
I have to hide it from her.

At the mall she loves to play pretend on the machines.

This is her horse Thunder.

She's always up for making new friends.

Turns out the new friend loves nursery rhymes just as much as Anna.
They played this Humpty Dumpty game for about 30min.
I took my knitting and worked on making Roger's cardigan while I watched this pure joy!

Anna loves getting the little carts at the grocery store.
She walked around the whole time so proud of herself and announcing to every person she saw "Hello, I have a little cart. You have a big cart. I have a little cart. I am grocery shopping."

So incredibly proud of herself for loading the groceries in the trunk for me.

After lunch she decided to color a bit before we took a lovely bike ride through downtown.

Before our reading time and nap time she played like a wild woman outside.

This afternoon before dinner she took her coloring book and crayons outside.

Paul joined her with his coloring book and crayons.

When Daddy got home he joined the kids out in the yard, bringing his seminary work, while I took a lovely 30min walk through downtown.

When I got back from my walk I worked on making a lovely dinner of potato soup while the kids played outside and Roger worked on a seminary paper.

Life really can't get any better than this!

At least for me.

Poor Roger probably thinks other wise.

Needless to say, he is VERY excited about graduation!!!

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