Saturday, October 29, 2011

Our Family Band

I guess it is VERY obvious how much fun Roger and I have with our two little buddies.

Saturday mornings are the best!

This morning was no exception.

Roger and I were woken up by two smiling children sneaking into our room.
Paul climbed in the warm bed with us, snuggling up to my back, while Anna stood at the bottom of the bed trying to pull at our toes, laughing hysterically.

Paul and Anna both LOVE music and are all the time setting up a family band in the living room.
Roger and I just sit back, try not to laugh too hard, and enjoy the show.

We thought we would share a little sneak peak with you all.

P and A rehearsing in the living room!
Look at the little stage that they made for themselves!  
Microphone on the "carpet" (quilt) and a little seat off to the side.

Having a family band is hard work.

Rehearsals are sometimes so frustrating.

These kids keep Roger and I laughing all day long.
They are seriously such a joy to have around.

It's amazes me that Roger and I were able to make such funny, smart, and caring children!!  

I think we've done a good job reproducing Reverend Jasper!!

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