Saturday, October 29, 2011

I kissed the lips of a published author

Oh my goodness, you all.  I am so EXCITED!

The book came in the mail today.


The book that Roger and Amanda cowrote together.

We knew our copy was coming this week and have been checking the mail religiously EVERYDAY.
I've been watching for the mail man out the window everyday starting at 2pm.

This afternoon as I was stepping out the door for my daily walk I noticed a MASSIVE package sticking out of the slot. "ROGER!!!  ROGER!!! COME QUICK!!!  IT'S HERE! IT'S HERE!!!"

He came a running out while I came a running in.
We passed each other in the doorway.

Once we figured out where we were going and what was going on, he grabbed the package out of the mail box.
"open it Rog!!!!! open it!!!!"   (me jumping up and down)

My goodness the book is BEAUTIFUL!!!
I mean, I knew it was going to be nice but I really had no idea HOW NICE it was going to be.

I am BEYOND proud of all who were involved in the process of getting this book to print.
The pictures are stunning, the words are magnificently moving and the lay out is phenomenal. 

I am obviously even more proud of my husband Roger and friend Amanda.
They both pulled some long nights staring at the computer screen.  

I'm just can't stop smiling!!!!!!!

Roger Jasper and Amanda Hervey will be at the Kentucky Book Fair on November 12th.
So head on out the book fair to pick up your very own copy signed by the authors!!!

Have I mentioned how proud I am of these two people yet?!?!?

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