Thursday, July 8, 2010


I can't not write a blog about the amazing things that have been happening in our lives.
Sometimes God speaks to you in subtle ways and sometimes God just throws blessings at ya. The throwing of blessings has been taking place. It is hard to really describe other than I have this incredible peace. A peace that I have never really had before. Here I am left alone with two
small children while my husband works as senior minister of a new church, in a new town. Here I sit until our current house sells, in our old town. Here I sit until our new house, in our new town, is complete. Here I sit alone. utterly alone. with no family around. yet, here I sit in peace. Here I sit in the most relaxed state I have ever been in. Here I sit in utter bliss.

Lauren Winner writes in her book Mudhouse Sabbath about what it means to be the church and I feel it describes, in a beautiful way, the church family that we have been welcomed into "....because it is part of what the church is suppose to be: a community of people practicing hospitality" (pg 43).

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