Thursday, July 15, 2010


If you haven't already figured it out by now let me express to you how much we enjoy being around friends. We are always having impromptu get-togethers with someone, somewhere. Roger and I both love and adore the friendships that we have. The key to great friendships, for me, is the spontaneous "hey we just decided to do something just now and thought you all would love to come." So, any time we all get together it is a very quick process. One person calls another and then the phone chain begins.

This weekend we are having some close friends to my parent's house to have a "chill out" session. We are all in the midst of something that is changing. Two are currently in the Patterson School for Diplomacy, one is in Law School, one is in seminary with Roger and other is at a job she currently hates and feels is a waste of her masters degree. I am currently exhausted from taking care of two small children and trying to sell a house.

We are going to get together, chill out, do some hiking, hang out some more, complain to one another, cheer one another up and then head off early on sunday for church!

The last time Roger and I went hiking with friends was when I had just given birth to Anna. After almost losing my precious baby after my placenta abrupted and being put on bedrest for 3 months, I was totally ready for a hike when they called us up and said "hey, want to go camping and hiking!" It was a bit of a push since I had just had a c-section and hadn't really taken a walk since I was 6 months pregnant. But the camping/hiking trip was a blast. It was also a way to prove to ourselves that we can STILL do crazy, impromptu things with small children!

So, needless to say, I am terribly excited to see our friends!!! It is a true blessing to have them! It makes the rough parts of life more barable.

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