Monday, July 5, 2010

House Hunting #2

So, I think we might have found THE house! Maybe. We are still waiting till there is a little more work done on it before we are like "OH MY GOSH I HAVE TO HAVE IT." But to be honest I already feel like "OH MY GOSH I HAVE TO HAVE IT!"

It is a 1952 cape cod style home on Park Avenue that has been completely gutted and is in the process of being completely remodeled. New pipes, new ductwork, new furnace, new porch columns, new gutters, new.......... The guy that owns the house is a contractor within our church that I have heard does INCREDIBLE work.

I'm telling ya people when I first saw the house I was IN LOVE. Big trees in the back, a big back porch with a built in swing, a cute private backyard with plenty of beautiful birds and trees that would hold my hammock up nicely, a wonder front porch that will look lovely with my little white porch swing. On the inside you have to use your imagination, GOOD THING I HAVE A BIG ONE. There aren't many walls because, like I said, it has been gutted. But he walked us through (which was so nice of him to do and I feel so grateful. he dropped everything he was doing to let us in the house) showing us where certain things are going to be. I just about peed my pants I was that excited!

when I look at a house I try to imagine myself sitting in it reading a book, or sitting outside sipping tea or chatting with friends in the back yard or cuddling up to roger and the kids watching a funny movie or jogging through the neighborhood or riding my bike with Roger and the kids. I can do ALL of those things in this house. It is like a little dream cottage that was made just for us.

It is 4 bedrooms and 2 1/2 baths with a full basement and a two car detached garage on a comfortable size lot! perfect. He said it would be a while before it was complete but that he would speed up the process if he had a buyer. I think we might be the buyers! I'm going to have to say that I trust him to make the house even cuter than it already is.

If I showed my family a picture of the house the way it looks now they would say "Jessica Ann what are you thinking?" There are trees growing in the gutters, the front porch is held up by beams, the house is in major need of a power wash and the shutters need to be replaced. But I just have that crazy feeling when I look at the house that it just might be our home!

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