Friday, July 2, 2010

house hunting

We went house hunting yesterday. By the time we were finished I was exhausted. Climbing in and out of a car all day, dragging two small children around and trying to swallow the fact that we are ACTUALLY REALLY FOR REAL going to move was a bit overwhelming. I HATE CHANGE. You would think that I would be better with it since getting married to Roger over 6 years ago. He is always in the "let's have an adventure" mode. I think I am getting better but I get comfy where I am and get nervous about change. I think that is pretty normal.

Anyway. Yesterday was nuts. We went into some pretty strange houses. One house we walked in, looked at the ceiling over the sink, saw that it looked like it was going to cave in and walked right back out. One house smelt like a dog had taken a massive crap in it before the owner moved and I walked around gagging the whole time. Then there was an OK house that had been foreclosed on but I have a BIG, MAJOR problem with taking advantage of someone else's misfortune so I WILL NOT buy a house that has been foreclosed on. NOPE. NOT GOING TO DO IT. Then there were those houses in the NEW neighborhoods that our realtor insisted that we see until I confessed that I have to have MASSIVE OLD TREES. "I need trees that are a bit taller than me." and that the new construction stuff depresses me "It just looks depressing." Then there was this house that smelt like mothballs, was totally a little old woman house but had a GREAT landscaped back yard with a MASSIVE deck. Can I just take the back yard and get a different house? yep, I'm going to be picky.

When we got home I went for a 3 mile walk in the field. I needed a breather. I needed to get away from everything and just watch the sun go down, collect my thoughts, breathe in the fresh air that wrecks havoc on my allergies and listen to the noise of simply being. As soon as I got back I took a bubble bath and started back to house hunting.

We have found several houses that are in our price range that we want to see AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. We even thought about driving up today, checking it out and if we liked it, making an offer. I'm telling ya, the houses are going like CRAZY. A house goes up and in 3 days the thing is gone. I have never seen anything like it. There are over 5,000 families moving in, us being one of them. plus the interest rates are CRAZY LOW. It is even hard to get a realtor to even show you a house because they are so busy with other clients.

Good news is that we showed our house yesterday and tomorrow we are going to be showing it around noon!!! Wouldn't it be AWESOME if we sold it tomorrow. I just go to sleep saying that to myself! I wake up thinking "how in the world am I going to get all this stuff packed up."

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