Monday, July 19, 2010

After Church Adventure

yesterday after church Roger had to go on a home visit. what to do with the kids and I? I thought it was a great opportunity to check out the towne mall's play area. So, roger dropped us off at the mall while he headed out to visit.

First thing first. I needed to change out of my church clothes. I didn't want to go to the bathroom to change (yuck) so we parked at the end of the parking lot for me to change. I got the pants on alright but then I needed to take the dress off. I looked around, saw no one, pulled the dress off to throw my shirt on. Oh crap...there is someone in the car beside me.....oh crap....there is someone in the car right in front of me. Oh well, now they know what my bra looks like. well, crap. oh well. I'm too tired to care.

When we got in the play thing anna immediately started introducing herself to the children by pulling a little girls hair. I did the "tell her sorry, give her a hug, go sit in time out. I'm so sorry about that" thing. The parents seemed to laugh it off. However, Anna, after every timeout session went back to her old ways. Every child, this is not an exageration, in the play area had either been pinched, slapped or had their hair pulled by my child. The parents started giving me the stink eye. I was feeling pretty horrible. I wanted to just get out of there. They wanted me to get out of there too. :) That is when I noticed my cell phone battery was dead. I couldn't leave the play area because when Roger got back from the visit he would have no clue where I was.

There I sat for what seemed like FOREVER, dealing with Anna's naughty behavior, while getting the stink eye from every parent there.

Then this nice Pentecostal woman came in with all her children. I thought "oh boy. here comes another stink eye." Sure enough, Anna pulled the cute little pentecostal girls hair. There was a LOT of hair to pull and she just could NOT resist. The mother, who was sitting right beside me, said "honey, don't worry about it. she is just at that age. just wait a little bit and she'll grow out of it." Then we had a nice little conversation about motherhood. It helped ease the "oh my gosh is Roger EVER going to come back to pick us up" panic that I was about to go into.

When roger finally did show up I said in a very loud voice "well, thank the good good Lord. I gotta pee sooooooooo bad!!" Turns out, paul had to go to the bathroom as well. We decided to meet back at the fountain, in the middle of the mall, after the emergency potty break.

As I walked around the corner I could tell that Roger had had one heck of a time dealing with Anna. he just had that discouraged look on his face. I kinda giggled inside to tell you the truth. He pointed to the fountain. There at the bottom of the water were anna's socks. Roger was trying to figure out a way to get them. I said "hurry lets get out of here." We took off to the car. Anna screaming about her socks and Paul yelling that we needed to get his sister's socks. We were all completely exhausted.

We got home at 5pm, ate dinner, put the kids to bed and I stared at the wall until I fell asleep. WEW!!! Next time we will go to bed earlier on Saturday!!

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