Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Simple Life

I just pinched my leg with the lap top.  Have you ever done that?  OUCH.

I'm so giddy!!  
I'm sittin' here in the house COMPLETELY ALONE ( no children, no husband), snacking on some delicious pretzels, thinking about the awesomeness that happened to me today.

 First let me start off by explaining that I get PURE JOY out of the simplest of things. 
 I mean, seriously, I have had people look at me SO STRANGE over the things that make me so giddy.  I'm not too good at hiding my emotions so my joyful EXCITEMENT tends to take the form of me jumping up and down yelling "WOW I AM SO HAPPY!!! THAT IS SOOOOO EXCITING!!!"

My daughter is the same way.  Or maybe it's just that she is 3 years old.  
oh my gosh.  
Do I act like a 3 year old?   

Yesterday I decided to knit Anna (my 3 year old) a cardigan. I loaded her on the back of my bike, in her little seat, and we headed off on a short bike ride downtown to the yarn shop.  

Back to the simple things.  
I seriously get PURE JOY out of riding my bike places.  The world seems to slow down, the trees become even more green and I morph back into a small child who thinks she is a character in a story book.

Anna sat in her little seat with her little helmet on, holding my purse.

When we got to the yarn shop she went straight for the purple yarn "I want this one.  oh mom it is SO gorgeous."  She picked up the purple yarn, gave it a big squeeze and started to dance.

Yep!  That's my daughter!

Today on my way back from dropping the kids off with the in laws I stopped at a consignment shop that I have admired from a distance since November.  
It is a consigment shop that sits a little off the road between Elizabethtown and Somerset called Classy Consignments. I drive by it EVERY TIME I go to my parents but every time it has either been closed or the kids have been asleep in the car.  

Today, oh glorious today, the stars aligned for me. 
 The kids were at the in laws, the consignment shop was OPEN and my mother in law had just given me money for my birthday/anniversary/mothers day!    


The majority of my wardrobe is second hand.  I LOVE THAT!!!!

Not only is it good for the pocket book but it is also a wonderful way to help the local economy by not support harsh working conditions that so many of our clothes are made in over seas.  

I love the thrill of the hunt!  LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! LOVE!

here are a few of my finds









These are all name brand clothes at INCREDIBLE prices!!!    And it was SUPER fun to find them!

Simplicity is just so fun!   

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