Friday, June 10, 2011

Explorer Paul

 Paul, at the moment, is all about adventure.  

He is constantly talking about going on an adventure, exploring the world, the back yard, the house, the church, the CAVES.  He wants to know any and everything there is to know about EXPLORING.  

"I am an explorer. I am exploring the lives of all kinds of creatures."

Mr. Mike from church, a grown up explorer himself, heard how intrigued Paul is with adventure and decided to bring him an REAL explorer whistle.  
The whistle is equipped with a compass, a flash light, a magnifying glass, a mirror and a secret compartment.  

Paul is in awe.

Early this morning Paul came running into our room, jumped in our bed and got right up in our face.  

"well, this compass is a REAL compass.  This is not pretend.  This whistle is REALLY loud so that I'll never get lost in the woods.  I'm going to be exploring the house today. Learning about the people who used to live here. See if they left any marvels."   

This went on and on and on until I finally climbed out of bed, leaving Roger and Paul there all by themselves

It is now 10am and Paul is STILL talking about the whistle. 
He has been following me around all morning telling me about it. He spent a good deal of time outside walking around talking to himself, blowing the whistle, using the magnifying glass. 

The child believes himself to be a REAL explorer.  
He's been a JOY to watch.

 Even if he keeps repeating himself over and over again.
"Hey mom! Did you see that I have a REAL compass?"

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