Sunday, June 26, 2011

A Kentucky boy and girl in Tampa

The house is quiet, clean and a load of laundry is in the wash.  
It is that peaceful eerie calm that I can't manage to fully enjoy.  
The kids are at the grandparents (they've been there for 9 days), Roger is at a meeting and I am already in my PJ's at 5pm.

I miss the noise.
I miss the kids.

Roger and I just got back from a week long stay in Tampa.  

It was wonderful!  

The most wonderful part, besides the getting to spend time together IN TAMPA without the kids, was the fact that our flight and rooms were paid for by the scholarship that Roger has through his seminary.  

It is a pretty sweet deal!  

The Cooperative Baptist Fellowship has selected Roger as one of their leadership scholars so they help pay for seminary AND fly him out each year for the General Assembly of Cooperative Baptists.  
Each year I tag along. 
We have a blast acting like newly weds without kids!

Tampa was everything I expected it to be. 
Beautiful, Classy and HOT.  

It made this Kentucky girl feel as if she were in Hollywood.     
Palm trees, MASSIVE personal boats, sports cars I have never seen before, restaurants with crazy looking marble statues in the middle and people actually wearing white suits.

Not to mention surf shops with REAL LIVE surfer dudes who actually caught sharks with spears.  WHAT??  People still do that?

But alas, I am a sucker for Kentucky.  
I just love this place.  
I love that no matter where you are you feel like you are in the middle of nowhere.  
I love the green....... trees, grass, weeds.   
Palm trees are just not my thing. They remind me of Dr Seuss books so I keep looking for the Lorax and I can never manage to find him.

When our plane touched down I could smell the GREEN of Kentucky!  
As we were driving home I was in awe of the beauty of I65 lined with rolling hills full of massive green trees, thick with green weeds.     

HOME!!! We're HOME!!  

I prefer the lake and a creek to the ocean.
Don't get me wrong I understand the beauty of the ocean but the beauty of a small creek lined with trees is more ME!  
Give me a cabin on the lake and I'd love ya forever.

We pulled into our drive way a little before dusk.
Before walking inside to rest my tired little head I stood on the front porch bare foot listening to the crickets, smelling the approaching thunderstorm and watching the flashes of those funny little flying bugs.  
All the while thinking to myself "This is where I belong! This is MY happy place!"

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