Saturday, June 11, 2011

Paul the Soccer Player

When Paul turned 2 I began taking him outside to play ball.

My first love is volleyball so naturally I started him off with that.

I  got one of those small cheap little kid balls. 
I threw it to him, he would bump it back to me.
As he would play he would yell  "let's go ladies!  side out!"
cracked me up every time

He is now getting to where we can volley a little bit.
Maybe one day we can have our very own family team

If Roger can figure out how to bump the ball in the direction he wants it to go.

Then came baseball.
I threw the ball, he hit it.
I remember being AMAZED that a kid THAT SMALL could hit a ball THAT FAR.

That child has an arm on him!

No kidding. 
Paul has great hand eye coordination.
unlike his Father

This year was the first year that we have actually signed him up for an organized sport.
At 5 years old we decided he was ready.
He KNEW he was ready.

"mom, I like playing with you but I really need a team!"

He chose soccer.

Boy oh Boy was he ready.
He LOVED every single second of it.

Even when he wasn't part of the action on the field, he would jump around in anticipation of the ball coming his way.

His little mannerisms while playing where so fun to watch.

If I do say so myself, he did a fabulous job.

Soccer might be his sport!
unless I start up a coed elementary school volleyball team 

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