Sunday, May 22, 2011

Today has been rough.  

Last night, right when we walked in the house after being on a week long vacation, Roger got a call.  I walked into the back bedroom to find him bent over, tears streaming down his face, the phone to his ear.  

I walked out of the room, shut the door and began putting the kids to bed as I prayed silently.  

Roger appeared in the door way.

"there has been a bad car accident."

 A young man, in his 30's, who is a member of our small church family was in a very bad accident and didn't make it.

Roger left to go pray with the family while I put the kids to bed.

i couldn't stop crying. 
It is just awful. 
I have no words. 
I am in shock.

This morning (sunday) before the service, Roger announced the awful news. The whole congregation stood up, held hands and prayed for the family.  

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