Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

I have had a BLAST this memorial day weekend burning up from the heat  chilling out with friends!

We kicked the weekend off on Friday evening with two close college friends, two pizzas and lots of marshmallows. There is not much in life that I enjoy more than sharing food and drink with friends around a camp fire.  Since we have all gotten older our conversations seem to be even more interesting. Just picture a lawyer, a biologist, a preacher and a stay at home mother all gathered around roasting marshmallows. The conversations tend to gravitate from hysterical to very serious then back to hysterical.  Then add in two loud  adorable little kids and it makes for an interesting night.

Saturday was spent pretending that we had a big in ground pool. 
I filled up the kiddie pools for the kids, lathered the family with sunscreen and spent the whole day soaking up the sun.  I was even able to read some of the book that our dear friend Kyle Potter sent to me. It was one of those peaceful days that you never wanted to end.  The sun was shinning, a cool breeze was flying through the trees, the kids were little angles and I had a great book in my hands.

We were outside all day.  Well, except the hour that I spent cleaning the house in the most relaxing way. I just LOVE LOVE LOVE scrubbing toilets.  No joke.  I LOVE cleaning.  I actually get embarrassed about that fact.  Cleaning and sorting are like AMAZING fun for me.

Sunday after church and after our nap, we headed to Louisville to meet up with some more close college friends.  FRIENDS! FRIENDS! FRIENDS!

Our friend Rachel was kind enough to invite us all over to her new home for burgers and hot dogs. The staple food of memorial day!

When we showed up at her house one of the first things we noticed was a grill that had been taken out of the box but not yet put together, spread out all over her kitchen floor. "Umm Rache, what's this?"  She responded with "oh yeah, THAT. Well ya see my garage door broke, locking my grill inside, so I just went out really quick and bought a new one."

The guys immediately started to work on her garage door. In the end we got the grill out and the garage door fixed!  Go team BLUE!!

I'd be lying through my teeth if I didn't say that the BEST thing about Sunday was getting to hold little baby Ada Grace.
Our friends Amanda and Travis have this dream child. She is 4 months old with jet black hair, BIG brown eyes and the biggest smile EVER.  I fell in LOVE with that baby. She even projectile vomited while I was holding her and I STILL love her.  Needless to say, Ada and I had some major bonding time.  Oh my gosh I could not get enough cuddles from that sweet little one. It felt so nice to hold a baby and have that BIG ol' smile appear on her face!

At one point Amanda had to go into the back room to breast feed Ada.  Anna, my 3 year old, snuck away, went into the room Amanda was in, sat on the bed with her and said "so, I hear you are the one with milk in her nipples."

Yep, that's my child!

Today, Monday has been just as glorious as all the days leading up to it.
The kids let us sleep in until 8:30!


I did not wake up until 8:30am!

I got 9 whole hours of uninterrupted sleep!

The sun was shining so I took my morning tea outside to enjoy under a shade trees.

We spent the entire day basking in the sun with our spf 60 and kiddie pools.

Around 2pm Anna and I decided to take a bike ride through down town. I now have a seat for her on my bike and she has taken to the bike riding.

We rode all over the place.
My favorite part was peddling down the allies. They are just so beautiful.  Man oh man we live in such a beautiful area. The streets are lined with beautiful old homes and massive shade trees.  It is truly like a fairy tale!  As I was peddling down our road I was like "seriously. we seriously get to live here! this is awesome!"

When we pulled the bike back into the driveway we were met by a frazzled Roger. "Jess, I was cleaning out the garage and guess what I found. A possum. There is a possum in there."
Then I looked over to see Paul standing on the back steps with a water hose "yeah mom, there is a possum in there. Dad's going to scare him out and I'm going to spray it with the hose."

Anna, Paul and I stood to watch as Roger chased the possum out of the garage.
Then, of all things, the possum just falls over.
The thing REALLY DID play possum.

We had to make the horrible decision to kill it.
The poor thing was just cuddled up there so sweet and Roger whacked it with the shovel a couple times.
It was rather shocking to watch.
No, I didn't let the kids watch but they figured out what was going on.
"Daddy, that baby possum was just laying there all cute and you whacked him with that shovel. He wasn't doing anything to you" -Anna

We gave Mr Possum a proper burial in the back yard. Paul marked the spot.

Right before dinner, while Paul was telling me a story, I noticed that his little eye was REALLY swollen.  It was so weird. The inside of his eye was puffing out. Quite scary looking.

My first thought was to take him to the urgent care. Roger suggested we call Ruthie (she is a midwife that is part of our church family).  She drove over with some allergy medicine and his swelling went right away. She said he probably got into something he was allergic to and it made his eye swell.
Ruthie is a Saint.  She truly is!

 I am SO THANKFUL for this lovely church community.   I know I have said it before but I gotta say it again,  I have never been in a church where so many of the people are so self giving. I mean, they will seriously do anything for ya and smile the whole entire time.  It is a good feeling to be a part of that kind of church community. I was beginning to think that a church like that didn't exist.
here is the link to the church website

And that is the end of our memorial day weekend adventures of 2011.

I sure hope you all had a wonderful 3 day weekend!

Take care

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