Monday, May 2, 2011

Hello Monday

I thought the kids were being good. 

I was rather surprised by how good they were playing together while I cleaned up after lunch.

Then I found out why they were being so quiet.

They were hiding out in the closet upstairs, eating easter candy.

When I opened the door Anna, in her underwear, gave me a huge smile "WE ARE EATING CANDY!"

Paul looked up with his innocent little eyes and said "well, you see, Anna MADE ME do this."

I said "Paul, she MADE YOU eat the candy."

He responded with "Yes, she made me eat all of this candy. It was HER IDEA."

The rest of the day should be interesting now that BOTH children have consumed a massive amount of CHOCOLATE.

I scolded them, then walked down stairs to treat MYSELF to some bite size 3 musketeer bars as I giggled "I can't believe they did that."

Now Paul is dancing like a wild man in the kitchen with Anna's creepy Dora doll that actually follows you around dancing.

oh boy.


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