Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Sophisticated Sweater

There is nothing cuter, in my opinion, than a small child in a sophisticated knitted sweater. You know those sweaters that make you think "has that child been sipping coffee and reading Wendell Berry. Wow! and at such a young age."

I found a wonderful pattern on, a knitting and crochet network in which fellow needle works share their projects and patterns. Raverly has been a wonderful way for me to connect to nifty knitters from the comfort of my own home.  Which is AWSOME! As a wife and mother I have VERY LITTLE time to get out to knit.

Here is a picture of the adorable sweater that I am knitting

here is a link to the website with the free pattern download 

Yesterday afternoon I headed downtown to the local yarn store to pick up some yarn and new size 8 circular knitting needles.  I LOVE searching for new yarn and playing with knew needles. Luna, the store owner, does a fabulous job helping you pick out just the right yarn for your taste and your project. Here is a link to her blog
She has an incredible story. 

She left the big city to move all the way to Elizabethtown, Kentucky to live at a slower pace. She owns a sheep farm, a little yarn shop and spins her own yarn. 

the best thing about her yarn store, for me, is that it is a 5 min walk FROM MY HOUSE!!

Now, if you will allow me, I need to get back to my fabulous bamboo needles and soft Cherub Aran Cascade Yarn!



  1. Hey Jess!! Cant wait to see that little sweater!

  2. Jessica

    I love that little sweater! Yes, there is something so beautiful about knitting for the small ones.

    I am so pleased that you like my shop and I thank you for your kind words about your experience when visiting. Be welcome to come in and just say hi, anytime :-)


  3. I've thought about knitting that sweater myself! Maybe we should take a field trip to the yarn store sometime soon!