Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Anna is really not feeling very well today. As I type this she is cuddled up on the couch, with her blanky, sucking her thumb.  That isn't normal for the 2 year old Anna. 

Usually when she is sick she turns into EVIL CHILD. I know, how can a child so sweet morph into EVIL CHILD. WEll, she does. She starts screaming in this really low, almost man voice, and throwing anything she can get her hands on. This morning she tried to grab the milk off of the table and fling it at me. 

The thought of a WHOLE GALLON of milk falling onto the floor made me move fast enough to grab it from her in lickty split time. 

Im telling ya.... it was a miricle in itself.  I was still in the process of waking up. It takes me a good little while to wake up and feel fully charged.  My medicine doesn't absorb THAT quickly.

Speaking of waking up.


This morning I could not get myself out of bed. 

Paul came in, began crawling all over me but I still was dead to the world. When I finally did manage to lug myself out of the bed I had to immediately get Paul fed, BATHED, dressed and sent to school in 30 MINUTES.   He ended up being a little late.... but it's just preschool for heavens sakes.  the REAL school starts next year. I'm trying to relax while I have the chance.  Enjoy the FREENESS of our schedules before the TRUE schedules come into existence. 

Yesterday was spent breaking up mini arguments with the kids. Like I said above, Anna is MEAN when she is sick. She is the complete opposite of Paul. When he is sick he gets all cuddly and quite.  

So, back to yesterday, she pretty much spent the whole day following Paul around doing awful things to the poor little guy.  Pulling his hair, pinching him, taring up what ever he was playing with.......... and on and on and on.

I spent most of my time behind the scenes coaching Paul on how to respond to Anna when she does mean things to him "Paul, say please stop. You are hurting me. That isn't nice. instead of yelling MOMMY ANNA IS PINCHING ME. Talk to her first and if she doesn't stop I'll step in."

Anna sat in time out a LOT yesterday.
I did a LOT of stepping in.

Today should be interesting. Anna is still sick, being very grouchy and I feel like I have been hit by a truck in my sleep.
I had running dreams all night long.  I never seem to really REST when I have running dreams. 

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