Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Seminary: Day 1, Year 2

Monday, August 26th, was my first day back to Seminary. My 2nd full year back.

I was both excited and nervous, but mostly nervous.

To add to the nervousness I had alarm clock issues which caused me to be 30 min late to my first class, on the first day.  


However, after my first class was complete, the syllables gone over, the reassurance from the professor that we are all capable and competent students, I was more than ready to dig into the learning process.

My class load this semester:
9-Noon  Church History
1pm-4pm Old Testament
6pm-9pm Leadership in the Church

The class that I was the most nervous about, Church History, seems to be the one that I am the most excited about. 

Mainly because I am going into it knowing pretty much NOTHING.  

I know. I know.  I am married to a person that is obsessed with Church History. How can I know little to nothing about it? 

Well, honestly, I probably know more than what I give myself credit for.  But let's be truthful, it's not something that, like my husband, I obsess over. 

I, unlike my husband, do not lug church history books to the beach for some casual reading.  

I do, however, suffer through the long late night ramblings of said husband about Church History. 

Some of that information has stuck in my head over the years, of which, at this point in my adult life, I am thankful for! 

Being that I have one full year of Seminary under by belt, I think this year I am going into it knowing what to expect and what is expected out of me.  Maybe that is why I was so nervous about heading back to class on Monday?  I had first hand experiance of how incredibly hard graduate level work can be.

I came across this quote while reading a book for my Church Leadership class:

"If you deliberately set out to be less than you are capable, you'll be unhappy for the rest of your life." -Abraham Maslow

This is going to be my quote for this semester!  It is a good reminder that no matter how challenging it is to juggle career, parenthood, and marriage, that I would be incredibly unhappy if I didn't continue to push myself to do the things that I KNOW that I am capable of doing.

You can ask my husband, an unhappy Jessica is NOT a fun person to live with.  

Here is to a great semester full of books, massive papers, lots of hair pulling, late night tears, and LEARNING!!!  

 God Bless the Seminary student . . .  and all the family members that support us.


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  1. Wonderful post Jessica! All the very best to you in your second year seminary journey. So many funny things to share about Dr. Reddit and Dr. Adams. :-) It will be a great semester!