Thursday, August 22, 2013

I am on 3 different heart medications at the moment. It seems that my medication load increases every couple of years. Which is normal for someone with my congenital heart defect. I am sure that over the years the meds will increase even more.

The most frustrating thing for me, being a mother and a student, is the tiredness that comes with these medications. I do everything that a "normal" person is suppose to do. I eat right, get plenty of sleep, exercise. But I am still left with the need to take a few cat naps throughout the day.  

I feel lazy when I give into the need to rest. I look like a "normal" person, therefor I should feel like a "normal" person. But, as my husband keeps reminding me, it is okay to rest when I need to.  
When the tiredness rushes over me it feels as if my heart can not stand to beat one more second.I have to plop down ASAP.  I've taken to explaining to the kids when I have to lay down that "Mommy needs to rest her heart muscle for a bit."  By me explaining this they are really good about letting me rest. Anna will often color by my feet while Paul grabs a book to read. 

With seminary starting back I am not looking forward to the long Mondays.  Class is 2hs away and lasts for 3hrs. I have 3 classes once again this semester. Like every other Seminary student that attends BSK, I will be non stop going from 6am until 11:30pm.  When Tuesday morning comes I feel horrid, like I have just woken up from a rough surgery. 

I have been in a little bit of a panic this last week trying to figure out how in the world I am going to fit all the studying that needs to take place into our already full, yet manageable, schedule. But even though I have lingering doubts, like I did at this time last year, about whether or not I am going to be able to juggle Seminary, I am super excited to start back. I really enjoy the learning process and look forward to connecting once again to my little Seminary community!

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