Saturday, August 18, 2012

My Steel Magnolias

My favorite movie since, well, since I can remember ever having a favorite movie, has been Steel Magnolias.  As a little girl I fantasied about living in a small little town surrounded by interesting characters that both annoy and love the heck out of each other.

In my child mind, the movies were never like real life.

I never thought a town like that truly existed. 

But that didn't stop me from dreaming about someday finding it.

As an adult you begin to realize that dreams become realities only if you are willing to work hard to make them so.

The great thing about being in a ministerial family is that when you move to a new town, it is typically because you are moving to a new church family.  With new church families comes a new group of people who are not only anxious to get to know you, but are anxious to help you find a new home in THEIR town.

One Sunday, after church, as Roger was standing at the back door shaking hands as people left the building, a man handed him a slip of paper with an address on it.  "I don't usually do this, but I bought this house and I'm remodeling it.  We just started working on it, so it looks pretty rough, but if you want to take a look at it.  If you want to see inside just give me a call and I'll take you through."

We rushed over to check it out and fell in love.  We called Curtis immediately.  He walked us through a house that had been COMPLETELY gutted, explaining where the walls would be and the dream that he had envisioned for the house.  

I felt like the little girl in The Secret Garden, when she FINALLY finds the key. 


The house was completed in November of 2010. 

The front porch was painted the day we moved in.

We immediately began exploring our new town.

Moving anywhere new is scary.  Social situations with a whole new group of people in a new town can be so overwhelming that we are tempted to lock ourselves up in our comfy new homes.  Stepping out, opening ourselves up and exploring the world around us, is the only way to make our small existence seem worth while.

I've already told you all about the the local yarn shop by our house,  but I have yet to mention our lovely hair stylist.

If you're a girl (or woman) reading this, you probably know that finding someone to cut your hair is one of the FIRST things you do when moving to a new town. (after first finding a yarn shop!)   I've had my share of hair disasters to know that you have to find a good stylist.  That stylist will not only cut and style your hair, but will become a close confidant.   You will go to them a stressed out momma and leave beautiful and relaxed. 

My hair stylist works from an old house on Mulberry Street.  It is a hop, skip and a jump from our house on Park Ave.  She only takes cash or check. Why bother with a visa machine?  

I love the homey feel.  

Prince Albert!  It is was what Pawpaw smoked. 

If you come for an early morning hair cut, there is always fresh coffee waiting for you.  
Many a morning I have gotten up, taken a hot bubble bath and walked down to get my hair shampooed and trimmed.  I jokingly call her my Mrs Truvy.  She too loves the movie Steel Magnolias. 

What woman doesn't?  

Often times people from around the community stop by for a quick trim or chit chat.  Several times I have walked in to find church members sitting in the chair, sipping coffee.  One afternoon a fellow mother was getting her hair cut and began talking to me about how giddy she was to have a day all to herself.  She had brought a bunch of magazines from the super market to look through while she got pampered.  She joyfully shared the celebrity gossip with us all.  

Anna and Paul are now getting their hair trimmed by Mrs Jennifer.  She has now met my whole family!
Yesterday afternoon, while dinner was cooking in the crock pot, we all walked up to Mulberry Street.  

Paul was in need of a cut.  

Anna wanted to tag along so she could play beauty shop.  

And Roger joined us because it was such a BEAUTIFUL day for a family walk.
he might get mad at me for posting this, but doesn't he look so lovely?

I have found my Steel Magnolias! 
It took time and hard work, but alas, I am living my favorite movie.

I hear older people talking about "the good ol' days."  I can't help to respond with, "the good ol' days never existed.  We have selective memories.  It's a fact."  I get weird looks.  But it's true.  If we want community we have to get out there and make it.  It we want a small town atmosphere to blossom in  and our kids to grow up in, we have to get out there and make it.

Any town can be as big or as small as you make it.

It takes intentionality to make community.  

Like friendships, community doesn't just magically appear.

It is made! 

You have to to seek it out.

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