Tuesday, August 7, 2012

the First day of a GREAT year

Yesterday (monday) was an oh so sweet day!

Paul and Anna spent the entire day outside building forts and taming wild horses.

They said they were Indians! 
anna-"howdy! I'm a cowgirl."   Paul- "no we're not.  we're INDIANS!"

Taking them to Colonial Williamsburg and to the Jamestown Colony this summer has really left a stamp on their imaginative play.

Paul is all the time making tools out of rocks and sticks.

The other day I found him "doing ancient exercises" in the backyard.


Anna knocked on the backdoor, acting winded,  and asked if I had a place for her to stay because the British had burned down her "house."  When I "invited" her in she asked if I was a princess because I had such a "huge, beautiful house."  Her "house" was made out of grass and sticks.

I stood at the living room window watching the kids play outside while I folded the laundry and listened to my Etta James Pandora station.

yes, it was lovely!

  1950's housewife?

I found the following so incredibly hilarious, and cute, that I grabbed the camera to film it through the window.
Paul was "taming the wild horse" for Anna.

The big patch of sticks and weeds is their "indian house."  Paul spent all morning building it while Anna gathered the supplies.  The bikes are their "horses" and they are riding through the "prairie" looking out at all the other "wild horses."

Yesterday was the last day of summer break.  It couldn't have ended on a sweeter note!

This morning little, itty bitty, baby boy, Paul,  headed to 1st grade.
(sorry for the sappy mother stuff..... no I'm not)

At first he didn't want me to walk him into his classroom but as soon as the school was in view a little voice came from the back seat.  "Mom? can you park and walk me in for the first day?"

Sure can!

He hardly said bye to me, he walked straight into his classroom and started working the room. 
"Hey! hey! I'm Paul."
I stuck my head in the class, waved to the teacher, waved to Paul.
He gave me a cool kid, "hey that's my mom," wave and head nod.

I'm so happy for him!

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