Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Dancing in the kitchen

I want to start this blog off with something witty or beautiful, like "I was startled awake by the sound of buzzing in my ear."

But I can't.

I'm too excited to keep the reader in anticipation while I punch out descriptive words of my morning.

Let's start with the excitement, shall we?

Anna was accepted into the preschool!!!

I know, I'm excited too!

I've had to stop myself from calling every one I know to announce this exciting news.

So, I guess I'll blog about it and tag everyone I know.

I'm telling ya, I've been stressing a bit about this preschool stuff.

In march I started trying to find her a place to attend but with our 1 income, 2 homes, budget, it was plum near impossible to find anything.

I started looking for FREE education.

The town that we are currently in has just opened a BRAND NEW preschool/kindergarten education center.  I'll have to post pics of it later, but let me tell you, it is INCREDIBLE.   

Getting her signed up, evaluated and accepted has been a bit tricky.

First of all, since the program is State Run, we had to wait until the Federally Run Headstart met quota, which took from March until the last of July.  Before I could apply for the preschool I applied for the Headstart in hopes that she would be turned down, because like I said before, this new preschool is INCREDIBLE, with amazing teachers.  I, however, was nervous about being turned down from Headstart, because what if she got turned down from Preschool.  Then I would be out of options and would be forced to hold off Seminary for another year and she would NOT be ready for kindergarten.

This morning was the evaluation.

I was a bit nervous.
The child doesn't have a developmental delay.

Although, I did try to teach her how to talk with a lisp.

ok, so I didn't do that, but yes, I was tempted.

This program is mainly for children with developmental delays with a few slots for low income families.

Turns out being a poor genius can get you somewhere!!!  
Anna was accepted!!

I squealed, jumped up and down, and leaned in to hug the woman but she gave me that "you are a nut job" eye, so I hugged Anna instead.  

We immediately went to the store to get little miss preschooler a backpack and school shoes.

This child is BEYOND excited.

Look at those pink cowgirl boots!

yep, that's my child.

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  1. I dream of a time when all parents are as excited about their children's education as you show in this blog.