Thursday, August 9, 2012

Anna wanted to do a puppet show today.

So together we made what we lovingly called "the redneck theatre."  

I took two of her old baby socks and drew faces on them.
Yes, I know it's not anything to post to pinterest, but that child had a blast making her own puppet theatre out of random junk in the house.

 I sat in the floor for a good long time laughing while she did show after show, with intermissions in which she sang several songs.

This afternoon Paul came home with a mysterious looking, very tiny, leather suitcase.

I was intrigued!

His teacher had sent this home for him to fill with things to show the class as a way to introduce himself to his classmates.  In the suitcase sat a journal and pen. He was to gather things, then write a small entry in the journal about why he chose them to share.

The first thing he asked for upon entering the house was my sling shot.

This sling shot is VERY special to me.  

I keep it in my underwear drawer, out of the kids' reach.

He had a "i know you're not going to let me take that to school but I'm going to ask anyway" look on his face

My Pawpaw made it for me when I was little.

What's in the suitcase
insect feeder
sling shot

This is what Paul had me write in the journal that the teacher will read to the class.

My name is Paul. I am 7 years old. I enjoy protecting my fort that I built in the backyard this summer. That's why I put the rock in there. 
For my birthday I got an ant farm and a lady bug habitat. I love animals and insects. That's why I put the insect feeder in there.
This sling shot reminds me of my Great Pawpaw. He made this sling shot for my mom when she was a little girl. I love things that are made out of life.
When I'm not outside playing in my fort, I enjoy building things with my Dad's old legos and some of the legos that I bought.

You all, these kids amaze me every day.  They are so much fun to have around! 
I'm beyond blessed.  I truly am.

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