Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I love Jesus.... but I drink a little

In Sunday school this past sunday, we got to talking about what kind of old person we want to be.

I know..... what does that have to do with God?  Why were we talking about THAT?

Well, because we were getting to know each other.

Isn't THAT part of being a church?   getting to KNOW one another!!!
I'd like to think that Jesus sat around with Paul and John talking about crazy stuff like that.

This morning I met a friend for coffee and she showed me this AWSOME video.

Yes, THIS is the kind of old person I want to be.

No, I don't want to have a drinking problem and NO, I don't want to sit around watching tv and calling into shows all day.  But I DO want to be that old person that is carefree and loves to giggle.

you know, kinda like I am now.
So, basically, when I'm old, I want to be my 28 year old self!

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