Monday, November 15, 2010

Where is Hardin County?

Guess what!!!  

Roger happened across a magazine (The Hardin County Magazine) at a local bank, started to look through it a bit and found an article titled Sheer Joy in Old Ways.  The article is about a woman named Luna who left her job as a teacher in New Jersey, moved to Kentucky to live in an old from house that dates back to the 1800's, bought a bunch of sheep and started spinning her own yarn. 

The article was fascinating to me because near the end it describes this darling little yarn shop that Luna has opened up. She not only sells her yarn but also teaches knitting classes and offers support for those who knit and crochet. 

I put the magazine down, sighed a bit and said "man, that is so cool. I wonder where Hardin County is and how far away that is from our new home." Roger laughed really hard and said "Jess, you live in Hardin County. The yarn shop is down town. You live down town. You are right by it."

And God has once again shinned his amazing light down upon me!! 

I can't wait to go to blueball mountain spindle and needle works to pick up some yarn, chat with the ladies and make a few knitter friends!!  

How exciting is that?!?!

I'll have to check it out tomorrow! 

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