Tuesday, November 2, 2010

appendix part 1

I can't type too much because I am still in horrid pain but I wanted to let family and friends know that I made it through the surgery and I am now home.  I have to take some heavy duty pain meds that don't seem to be working but that is another issue.

Saturday evening (October 30) my stomach started hurting again.  Sunday morning at 1:00 am I woke up extremely sick....so did Anna. Roger and I were in the midst of dealing with Anna screaming while I was forced to suck up the pain (I honestly just thought it was my acid reflux again).

Sunday morning Roger headed to church while I stayed home with a sick little Anna and a jubilant paul. I was still in quite a bit of pain but I tried to ignore it by doing the laundry, tending to the kids and taking them to the park.  By 3pm I started hurting so bad I could barely stand up. I called roger "listen, when you get home from Etown I am going to need to go to the hospital."

I let the kids know that "mommy wasn't feeling very well," and they agreed to take care of me. Annd kept saying "you need some medicine. I get you some medicine?"

Roger got home around 5pm but I didn't get to the hospital until 5:30pm because I was worried about the massive bill that was going to result in me going to the emergency room. However, the pain got worse and I went.

Roger stayed home with the kids and I drove myself to the Emergency Room here in Clark County.

I got a CT scan and some blood work. At 10pm I was informed that it seemed as if I had appendicitis. I called Roger "get someone to watch the kids.  I need you."

At 10:30pm I was informed that I was going to be transferred from Clark Regional to the University of Kentucky ER because they Clark Regional was uncomfortable doing the surgery on me because of my severe heart condition and my history of my heart stopping during a previous surgery.

Roger stayed with the kids while I was loaded up in an ambulance to be transported to UK. He was waiting for his mom to drive up to stay with the kids and promised to meet me at the UK ER. AT that point  I was starting to feel really depressed.  "honey do you have any family with you?  Honey you really need someone with you?"

The ambulance ride made me feel worse...all the bumps.  They wouldn't let me have any pain meds because they were transferring me.  I was in agony.

Once I got to UK's ER I couldn't help but think "man alive this place is beautiful!"  have you been in there since the remodeling?

I also couldn't help but think "gosh, he/she is too young to be my doctor.  what the heck."   There were young people ALL OVER THE PLACE. I was kinda uncomfortable about it. My generation is growing up and taking over the world. It is so weird.

The UK ER refused to  give me pain meds before I talked to the doctor. I was starting to feel like I was going to vomit or pass out because of the pain. And of course the doctors took FOREVER and being at a teaching hospital, I couldn't quite figure out who my doctor actually was because I had to repeat myself soooooo many times to soooooo many people in white coats.  All of which were more concerned with getting information about my heart condition than trying to figure out the horrible pain I was in because of my appendix.

I was getting REALLY annoyed.

My mom and dad and Roger FINALLY showed up about 15 min after I got to UK.  I was so relieved to have family with me!

I was alone from 5:30pm until 12:30am in extreme pain.  That was so scary for me.

At this point I am going to stop typing in order to lay back down in the bed. I will write about the horrible care that I got in the next post.  I was sooooooo disappointed in UK and the horrible care that I received.  I'll write about that in Appendix Part 2.  

stay tuned and keep the prayers coming!  I feel awful.

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