Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Parenting is a life long commitment to love unconditionally

This morning after getting Paul fed, dressed, teeth brushed and backpack on, he made a gasp,
 "oh no, my book is due back and I haven't read it yet."

I immediately thought he was talking about a library book but then he explained to me that he had reading homework that was suppose to be done. 

I was confused.  
Every day as soon as he gets home I check his backpack and folder for papers and homework. Yesterday I didn't see anything in his backpack or folder.

"Mom my teacher sent home a book that I was suppose to read to you and I didn't and it is due today."

He was in a panic.
He can't stand getting in trouble and ALWAYS does what ever he is asked.
"Ok ok he have like 7 min before we have to leave for school. go get the book."

We dug around through the backpack, found the homework and began.
We made it through the reading sheet ( a list of vocab words for the week) and made it a little ways through the book before having to leave for school.

As the door shut I couldn't help saying to myself, 
"Man, I swear this parenting gig is getting harder"

I said the same thing last night while Anna was running through the Kroger with her very own little shopping cart, running into the backs of my heels and grabbing random items off of the shelf, screaming when I made her put them back. (she was a mighty adorable angry Kroger shopper though)
"I swear I think this parenting thing keeps getting harder." 

Right after I said it this morning I sat down to think about how often over the past 6 1/2 years I have said "man alive this parenting thing keeps getting harder."

When they started solids.
"this is getting harder."

When they started crawling.
"this is getting harder."

When they started teething.
"this is getting harder."

When they started walking.
"this is getting harder."

When they started talking nonstop.
"this is getting harder."

When they turned 2 1/2 and formed a will of their own.
"wow this is SERIOUSLY getting harder

When Paul started kindergarten.
"wow boy this is getting harder."

I also said the same thing when I woke up one day and had to chase a toddler through the house while holding a baby in my arms..
"ummmm this is getting to be pretty hard."

Just think about all the other stages I have yet to reach. My goodness how hard does it get?

My parents have reached the stage in which all of their children are married and moved away. However we still manage to drop in unexpectedly, eat all of their food and mess up their weekend by havin them watch our children and dogs.  Some of us STILL don't clean up the bathroom floor after taking a shower and some us STILL sneak into their house late at night accidentally scaring them to death. And yes, we STILL fight over who gets to sleep in which room when we are all at the house at the same time.

As I watch my parents deal with all 3 of their grown children I start to panic about this whole parenting thing.  IT NEVER ENDS.  It really NEVER EVER ENDS. 

I am always going to have Paul and Anna running up to me arguing about something.  I'm always going to have to remind them to pick up after themselves. I am always going to have to fight to keep them from getting into the refrigerator and eating up all of our food. And I am always going to have to be there to pick them up when they fall or cheer them on when things get rough.

But you  know what? 
The more I think about it the more I am ok with that.
Well, as long as they grow out of the whole "barging into the bathroom while I am trying to take a shower in peace" thing. I'm telling ya, if they are STILL doing that as adults I am going to run away.

A note to my Dad:
sorry Dad for banging on the bathroom door the last time I was home, having you get out of the shower to hand me some tooth paste through the crack.  I guess I could have waited to brush my teeth.
Just remember that parenting is a life long commitment to love unconditionally. 

beware of the adorably angry kroger shopper

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