Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween

First of all I want to start out by saying that I just made the best cup of coffee in the whole world!
Roger left for class early this morning so I made the coffee how I like it instead of how HE likes it.
The man drinks a cup of motor oil every morning.
One morning my Mawmaw happened to be over REALLY early (I was taking her to see the monks) and Roger made her a cup of coffee. She took one sip and declared "son, do you not know how to make coffee? That is WAY too strong."  Makes me giggle just thinking about that.

Anyway, on to the business at hand. To tell you about our Halloween of 2011.

We started the day like any other by getting Paul fed, dressed, teeth brushed and to school on time while trying to deal with our little tornado, Anna.
She has been in this crazy mood of destruction lately.
She takes random things throughout the house, puts them in a BIG pile and starts hiding the stuff throughout the house.
She's gotten REALLY fast at this.
It is about to drive me plumb crazy.

At 11am I headed out to the pumpkin patch to meet Paul's kindergarten class.
I decided to volunteer to be his classroom mom. I am basically in charge of helping with school parties and field trips. I wanted to do this to be more involved in his school life; to get to know the teachers better and the little kids that are his friends.  I'm honestly still a bit uneasy with him being in the public school system so I thought being a lot more involved would help ease my tension. It is just weird for me to have my child in the care of someone else besides ME for a big chunk of his day.

When I got to the farm I was given a list of 12 students, that included Paul, that me and another teacher were responsible for.

We took them to see the animals.

They each took turns sliding down the slide.

While we were going through the corn maze Paul got so frustrated. 
We had actually been there with him 2 days before this field trip and he knew his way around the maze. The teacher leading us kept taking wrong turns. Paul would yell out "you're heading for a dead end."  But she wouldn't listen. The teacher finally gave up and lead the kids back to the beginning of the maze. Paul was SOOO mad. "this is NOT the way out." I was giggling to myself on the inside because the maze was honestly super easy. Paul had done it all by himself, in the dark, with a small flash light. But I guess when you have 12 little kindergarteners following you it might be a bit frustrating.

We took a nature walk as well. Paul kept saying "we do this kind of stuff all the time mom."  I had to remind him that not all the kids get to go hiking as much as he does.  He kind of seemed annoyed that all the kids thought hiking through the woods was such a novel thing.
The child acts like an old man at 6 years of age.
But I understand what he means. I too think it is funny that people pay to go out on a farm to do farm things during harvest time. It's like, I do this kind of stuff for free all year long.

Paul was also annoyed by the way the pumpkins were out in this field.
"mom, that's not a pumpkin patch. They just took all the pumpkins and threw them in that field. Look, all the vines are way over in the field across the street. this isn't picking pumpkins. This is picking up pumpkins"

He was however excited about the hay ride.
I sat in the back to help keep an eye on everyone and man oh man was it bumpy.
I looked over at Mrs. Edwards and said "gotta have a good bra on to enjoy this ride."
With every little bump I thought my breasts were going to fall off.
My poor pacemaker, that is motion sensitive,  was making my heart beat super fast so it was hard for me to breathe.
I was so ready to get off that wagon.

Paul talks EVERYDAY about this little girl. He claims she said yes when he asked her to marry him. The child is obsessed with finding a good wife. I have no clue where this comes from. Maybe it's genetic. I was obsessed with finding a good husband starting at this age and I finally found one in the 4th grade.  

Paul introduced me to his little friend and I snapt their little picture.

Before loading up on the bus the kids played a small little game.

I took a video too!  

The thing that brought the biggest smile on my face was when a bunch of little kids from the class came running up to me yelling "are you Paul's mom?"  When I said yes they all gave me a group hug and said "you are so cool! Paul is cool so that means you are cool!"

That evening Roger took the kids trick or treating on our street while I went to the gym (I needed some ME time) and when I got back we took them around the rest of the neighborhood.
Roger and I of course giggled the whole time at all the "kids" dressed up.
Halloween sure does bring out some interesting people doesn't it?

I had no clue our street was like, THE STREET, for trick or treating.
When I got back from the gym at 6pm I was surprised by how many people were walking through the road. I could barely get into my drive way.
All of our neighbors went WAY OUT to decorate for the special occasion which  made it so much fun!

I had to call my dad to tell him about it because when I was younger Dad and I would decorate our house like crazy for halloween. We would dress up all spooky and have spooky music playing.  Our house was known around town as THE HOUSE to go to on halloween night!

After walking around our neighborhood we headed over to our friend Ruthie's house for dinner.
She was kind enough to invite everyone over to her place for a special halloween dinner after trick or treating.
It was so nice to hang out with the adults upstairs while the kids played together with their friends down stairs!   

And of course Roger and I ended the evening by putting the kids to bed and stuffing our faces with some of their candy before falling asleep in the middle of a movie.

I can't manage to stay awake through a movie anymore.
It is rather sad.

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  1. Did Roger tell you we saw him and the kids out trick-or-treating? Sebastian and I walked down to your house to see if you were out but I guess you were still at the gym!