Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I just want to be a sheep

Like I mentioned in  a previous post, the kids went to the grandparents house this past weekend.
I usually help out with the nursery sunday school that Anna is a part of (often times she is the only child in there) and this week Mrs. Karen B was teaching the lesson.  
Although Anna wasn't there we did have one child show up!!  
For the craft Mrs. Karen, who is a former kindergarten teacher and principle (she KNOWS her children's crafts) brought in supplies to make little sheep.  It was such a cool little project that I asked to take home supplies for Anna and Paul to make a sheep sometime this week.

I saved the stuff for such a day as today.
Paul has a double ear infection and strep throat so the Doc told me to keep him home from school.
Plus, it was all rainy and cold outside.

After lunch I set out all the materials and pretended to be a kindergarten teacher.

Paul did EVERYTHING himself.  I just sat there in amazement at how self sufficient the little dude has become in the past year.

I even made a little sheep for myself out of the left overs.

I decided to place the sheep in an odd place in hopes that Roger would find it and declare "what in the world is THAT?"  

Anna got a little crazy with her sheep design.  She, like Paul, did not want ANY help from me.  But unlike Paul's sheep, her sheep looked like some sort of creature from the book of  Revelation. 

Maybe Anna is in fact the artist of the family!

I throughly enjoyed chasing the children around with my hand monster!

Oh and by the way, yesterday while I was cleaning up the kitchen after dinner I had to run in the back room for something.  When I returned to the kitchen THIS is what I found.  Paul and Anna had gotten the broom and dust pan and were helping me clean.  Watch the video!  The helping mom thing was short lived but super sweet and hilarious.


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