Sunday, July 31, 2011

Spirit Filled Sunday Morning

My head is pounding and I can't help but feel jealous of our neighbor who is currently sitting pool side on this beautiful Sunday morning with a book and no screaming children.  
Our kitchen window faces his BEAUTIFUL in ground pool so all summer I have had the luxury of watching people dive off of the diving board into cool crisp water while I scrub the scum from my kitchen sink.

Such is life!

My Sunday morning has been anything BUT spiritual.  
I've used a FEW spirit filled WORDS but that's about it.

Last night was a NIGHTMARE.   


Paul kept getting up every 15 minutes claiming that a bug was biting him. We finally changed his bed sheets at 1am only to be woke up AGAIN by Paul saying "I think someone hit me in the head with a broom."   
In between fighting with Paul, Anna was up and down as well.  Her poor ear was hurting her and there was very little we could do. 

So, in between the "excuse me i think there is a bug in my bed" from Paul and the "AAAAHHHH MY EAR HURTS WELLY WELLY WELLY BAD!" from Anna, Roger and I got very little sleep.

You'd think that since the kids didn't get any sleep last night that they would SLEEP IN this morning wouldn't you. But oh no that totally DID NOT happen. 
 Paul woke me up at the butt crack of dawn declaring "can we get my birthday toys out of the car and put them together."  
(side note: we had his birthday party at my parent's house saturday evening.)

Anna followed shortly after demanding any and EVERYTHING of me. 
The child ENJOYS sucking the life blood from me.

However, when we walked outside to GET the toys out of the car Paul had a MAJOR MELTDOWN when  we discovered that Roger had already left to work more on his sermon, taking the car with the toys in it.  


In the end we finally got ahold of Roger who brought the toys back, emptied them into the living room floor and headed on back to the church. 

So there I was with two cranky children, me completely EXHAUSTED still in my jammies and faced with the pain staking task of opening toys and putting batteries in them.  

Paul and Anna have fought ALL MORNING LONG.  The screws on the backs of the toys have been a PAIN IN THE A$$ to unscrew and Anna has ALREADY broken one of Paul's new toys.

At one point, after 3 hours of nonstop screaming, battery changing and putting toys together, I  franticly grabbed this............

went into my room and LOCKED THE DOOR.    
When the kids started banging on my bedroom door I simply walked out the back door in our bedroom that leads to our back deck, shut the door and listened to the birds chirp.

Yes, the mint chocolate cupcake was FABULOUS!

Some photos of Paul's 6th birthday party at Mom and Dad's
6 candles on a cupcake is a LOT

so excited to swim under the water

Anna and My little 4year old cousin Luke
the after party

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