Saturday, July 16, 2011

Doing Summer Southern Style

We just got back from a glorious 7 days at the beach with family.

Mom and Dad rented a beach house on Jekyll Island in Georgia for us all to stay in.

I was a bit nervous when she first mentioned the idea.

I haven't lived in the same house as my brothers and parents for over 7 years and now my brothers have wives and dogs while I have a husband and two easily excitable children.

I was prepared for some head butting to go on.
The clashing of too many strong personalities was what I was expecting.

"Lord help us all!" is what I silently said to myself as we began our 12 hour journey at 4am on Saturday.

But I am happy to say that the head butting never really happened and the clashing of personalities was taken light heartedly.

There was, however, the one time while we were in Savannah, Georgia waiting to get a seat at a restaurant that the personalities began to clash. But I blame that on the horrible combination of the HOT Georgia sun, the screaming three year old, the tired Granny and the sick uncle.  

WOW what a HOT day in Savannah.

I'm just glad no one passed out from a heat stroke.


Other than that one day we all enjoyed a week full of beach front real-estate. 

We rode bikes together.

Got ice cream together.

Jumped the waves together.

Ran from the sharks together (no joke... there were several sharks in the water and one actually followed us up to shore.... SCAREY)

And talked until late in the evening on the porch together.

On the last day, which happened to be raining, both of my brothers, their wives, my husband and me all went together to watch the LAST Harry Potter movie.

We left the kids and the dogs with Mom and Dad and piled into their van.

As we were all sitting there enjoying the popcorn before the movie began I couldn't help but think about how fitting it was that we were, on our last day of vacation, watching the last Harry Potter movie TOGETHER.  
We all three grew up with the Harry Potter books and there we were together with our spouses watching the end.

How poetic!! 

Some highlights of the trip:

Getting to have a romantic date with my husband at Latitude 31 followed by a lovely walk through the historic part of the island with ice cream cones in hand.

Swimming in the ocean in the late evening with my two brothers, my husband and Dad.

Finishing up a VERY LONG bike ride with my brother Jacob and his wife Shannon by enjoying an ice cream cone together under a big Georgia tree.

Living in a house for 7 whole days with my ENTIRE family.

Watching Jacob get bit by a crab.

Being chased by a shark.

Learning how to hunt for live sand dollars at the bottom of the ocean.

Standing on the beach with my entire family watching a mommy dolphin and her baby swim closer and closer to shore.

Walking on drift wood beach with Jacob, Shannon and Roger before dinner.

Drinking Margaritas and Wine with Mom!

Watching Anna and Paul discover the Ocean with their Granny and Grandpa.

Watching the guy right beside us pull several sharks out of the ocean RIGHT BEFORE Shelbie was going to swim out into the ocean for the first time.  She is TERRIFIED of sharks.

Sitting on the couch with my brother as Paul walked through the house singing the first part of the song Toes by the Zac Brown Band.  Boy did we laugh VERY hard before letting Paul know he shouldn't sing songs like that.

Starting and finishing a book!

Watching Anna "take care" of my brothers' dogs.

The BEST of all was getting to know my family all over again. We have changed so much in the years that we have been apart.  What better place to do that then on a little Island in the South!

And to think that i didn't even manage to get any of them good ol' Georgia Peaches.

Such a shame.

We must go back!

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