Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Lions and Tigers and Kids.... OH MY

What a fabulous day we have had!

One of the BEST things about being a stay at home mom is the fact that at any point in time we can pack up and go on an adventure with friends.

Today we made a glorious trip to the Zoo with my friend, and fellow stay at home mommy, Mrs Joanna and her sweet little Myra.
the kids nice and snug in the back seat

Have I ever mentioned Mrs Joanna in a blog before?

If not, let me introduce you to her.

She is a stay at home mother to 4 year old Myra.
She is a singer/song writer with her husband Matt.
She teaches cello to local kids.
She is an Usborne Book consultant.
AND she teaches kinder music every other week at a local preschool.

And the sweetest, most patient person....... IN THE WORLD.

Seriously, she is like so calming to be around.
If life is a bit crazy have Joanna come sit beside you and you are instantly at peace.

Totally NOT joking about that.

Any who....
We all went to the ZOO.
Myra keeping us cool

Paul attempting to "water bend." 

anna cooling off at the zoo

Our children were AWESOME the majority of the time and when they started showing signs of the hyper-tired Joanna and I did the mommy tag team.  It worked out VERY well.  
row, row, row your boat

Like the time Joanna made a mad dash through the double doors, leaving the kids behind with me, after a bird started flying towards her head.  

Turns out she is TERRIFIED of birds.
It was rather amusing to watch!

Ya see?  We tag team well!
just two girls enjoying some cotton candy

classic Zoo picture

checking out the snakes

After the zoo closed (yes we stayed until closing) we made our way to FOOD.
"I'm starving! do you need to get back for anything?"
"Nope. Roger is working at the church. What about you?"
"Nope. Matt is at a meeting until late."

We found the closest Wendy's and treated the kids to an oh so healthy fast food dinner followed by frosties!
Frosties for EVERYONE


That hamburger was like the BEST hamburger I have had in a long time.

Joanna and I shared lots of laughs at Wendy's over spilt milk and our crazy hyper children.
hyper silly kids

What a wonderful blessing friends are!

They help make the cRaZy of parenting absolutely HILARIOUS!

I couldn't type out a post about Joanna without adding a link to their music now could I!?!?
Check it out!

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  1. Very cool - my mom was showing me a flyer of a conference she is going to at Madisonville FBC, and I noticed the musicians were from your town and wondered if you knew them - looks like you do!