Saturday, July 2, 2011

Red Dirt Girl

This morning I started feeling a bit anxious around 10am.  
The kids were being kids and following me around everywhere I went asking the kid questions "what are you doing? what for? Hey want to watch me do this silly trick?"   

Roger was working on some work in the living room  

I was about to explode.

I couldn't stop myself from declaring "Do I EVER get a day off?  SERIOUSLY?"

My brain was going 50 miles an hour. The kids were talking NONSTOP.  All I wanted was to BE ALONE.


"Roger, keep an eye on the kids. I'm going to clean the house."

Yep.... CLEAN

I love cleaning. It is my ALONE TIME. 
I know I know..... I AM a NUTT.
But I really love the nonthinking process of scrubbing a bathroom. It gets me away from the demands of motherhood for a bit and the results are so rewarding to me!


After the cleaning party I decided I STILL wasn't chilled out enough so I packed up my gear and headed to the Fitness Center. 

Oh the GLORIOUS Fitness Center!


I get to run/walk for a whole hour and be ALONE with my thoughts.

As I run I shed the mommy jessica and morph back into the little girl who spent her summer days on the farm chasing cows with the motorcycle.


Speaking of morphing back into the little girl.
After the fitness center I made a quick trip to Kroger to pick up a BRAND NEW mop.
(love to clean!) 
As I walked in I got side tracked (like always) with the clearance rack.
"Oh look" I said to myself  "they have the sunscreen on sale!"
I picked up a strange looking bottle that was labeled SUN CREAM.
"WHAT?  That is strange looking" I thought aloud
I then attempted to spray a little on my hand just to see what it was.
But when I pushed the button gently nothing came out.
so naturally I pushed it REALLY HARD.
So there I was, standing in the middle of Kroger, with a HAND FULL of this cream stuff that looked a LOT like shaving cream.

What to do?

I began rubbing it on my arms.
still some
I rubbed it on my legs.
still some
I rubbed it on my face.
still some
By that time a Kroger employee came over to check on me.
I rubbed it into my shirt.
still some
I rubbed it into my shorts.

I got all the cream sunscreen off my hands. 

However, I was LATHERED from head to toe.

When I got home Roger was surprised to find a sweaty, greased up wife with a new mop.

"Listen I have GOT to make me some tea I am like going CRAZY today. I have LOST my mind"
Roger has this tea for me called, get this, Easy Now, for days like today when I feel so anxious.
So after the cleaning, the fitness center AND the buying a new mop failed to ease my tension I opted for the good ol' Easy Now tea!

Since I was lathered in sunscreen and sweat I decided to bask in the sun for the rest of the afternoon.

Later in the evening I went back to the Fitness Center with the kids to swim while Roger worked on his paper.

Have I mentioned how CRAZY hard it is to care for a 3 year old and 5 year old EVERY SINGLE DAY with out going CRAZY?

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