Monday, July 18, 2011

Paul's First Day of Kinder-Camp

It has happened!
Paul Calvin is at school.
Kindergarten will not be starting until Aug 3rd but he is partaking in a week long introduction called Kindercamp.  It is every morning this week from 8am to 11am.

I am thrilled!
I can not stop smiling!
I'm so excited about this new chapter in our lives as parents.
The elementary school years! 

Paul is more than ready for school... "Mom I just can't believe this is happening. That I am actually going to school to learn to read!"
Those were Paul's words as we headed out the door this morning.

After I dropped him off for his small 3 hours away from me I said to myself "All I have at home to deal with is Anna!"
I believe I said that too lightly.
At 3 years of age Anna Catherine is a handful.
The child has the combination of a BIG personality and a hard head.
My day is CONSUMED with redirecting Anna, calming Anna down, putting Anna in time out, cleaning up after Anna and chasing her through the neighborhood.

Just to give you a taste of Anna's personality..... the other day I was explaining to her that when I get a little stressed out it calms me to sit in my room alone to read a book or write in my journal. 
After looking at me really funny she said "When I get stressed out I go in my room alone and throw stuff and try to break it. It makes me feel better."

Already this morning she has, in the hour that we have been home after dropping Paul off, emptied all the dish soap into the sink, used the sink sprayer to cover the entire kitchen floor with water and ripped the morning paper into a million pieces all over the living room.

She does these things SO FAST.

I told Roger that since I am going to have a lot more time alone with Anna that this is the year that I am going to REFORM her.
The child needs to learn to behave.
This is the year that all my energy during the day is going towards teaching Anna what is and is not acceptable in our home.
Lord help us all!

I took a few pictures of Anna's first morning without her big brother.
She was a busy little chick!

Like I said in the above writing, from 8 until around 9am she ripped the house apart.
From 9am to a little before 11am she.......

Made her hand print in Plaster.

Painted a pretty picture outside on her picnic table.

Got into the refrigerator without asking.

Took a bike ride through the neighborhood.

Played on her swing set. 

and wrote a few songs on her guitar.

By the time I headed out the door to pick Paul up from kindercamp I was so tired I wanted to cry.
Now that my children are 3 and 6  I completely understand when a mother that I was complaining to when the kids were babies, looked right at me and said "honey, enjoy when they are this little because it only gets harder."
At the time I was SOOOOO MAD at her "how could it get harder then THIS. I am covered in baby VOMIT and I haven't gotten any sleep in DAYS."
But she was being honest. 
They grow up, form their own little personalities and you STILL have to feed them, bathe them and rock them back to sleep after spending ALL THE LIVE LONG day trying to keep up with them. 

I swear I am going to slap the next person that tells me that being a stay at home parent is NOT a real job.

When I picked Paul up from his first day of kindercamp he DID NOT look happy.
"I HATE name tags. They MADE ME wear a name tag. I HATE pancakes. They had pancakes for breakfast this morning. I REFUSED to eat it. I'm going to HATE kindergarten."

Oh Boy.

So THIS is the elementary school stage of parenting?

And it isn't even 1:30pm yet.

Dear Lord, thank you for gifting me with this amazing since of humor because I don't think I would be able to make it through most days without it. - love Jessica

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