Monday, May 3, 2010


Turns out that working as an orderly at a State Psychiatric hospital has thoroughly prepared me for the job of a stay at home parent. Constantly cleaning up poo, breaking up fights and taking part in some of the strangest conversations is what I did at the psychiatric hospital and is exactly what I do daily here at the house.

Just within the past 45 minutes I bathed two needy people (my children), broke up a small bath tub fight over a car, listened to a strange conversation between Anna and Paul in regards to how bubbles are made and then had to clean up poo when Anna decided to crap in the tub.....AGAIN.

God clearly has a since of humor. He has too. I left the job at the psychiatric hospital to raise my two children. But really, I just left one psych ward for another.

I remember at the psych hospital how it would drive me crazy when the patients would come up to the nurses station while I was trying to shovel my lunch into my mouth and press their faces against the glass asking "what are ya eatin'? Can I have that brownie? Oh please. just a little bite??" Now I have two children that stand at my feet asking the same questions and the problem is that I am not protected from them by a nurses station and a locked door. They end up actually stealing my food. :( And I tend to never get a break. Gosh, those two even follow me into the bathroom "GET OUT!!!"

If you are in need of the mothering or fathering side of you I would suggest you at least volunteer at the state psychiatric hospital. That's how parenthood is and if you can't handle it then I would advise you to not have children because although they bring you GREAT joy and an endless amount of laughter, they are INCREDIBLY hard to raise. Being a parent is exhausting. Those babies grow up. They don't cuddle on your chest forever. They eventually start having little wills that tend to smash right up against yours and your face. And yes, the poo and pee gets exhausting to deal with. I have been changing diapers for 5 years straight, as of now. Can you believe that. Every single day for 5 years I have changed at least 4 diapers a day. That's a LOT of diapers. My hands and arms are EXHAUSTED.

Goodnight!!!! Let's pray the little kiddos don't wake up through out the night. Oh and ps, when you are a parent you are on call ALL THE TIME. And I am learning from my parents that it doesn't matter how old those children get they still continue to smash up against you and demand any and everything, 24/7.

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