Monday, May 10, 2010

Dr. Keller!

I'm so excited! I went to the doctor today and my FAVORITE cardiologist of all time was there!!!!!! Dr. Bradley Keller was my cardiologist when I was little. I adored him. But he ended up moving away when I was in high school. We kept in touch for a while and he is the one that recommend I go to Dr Johnsrude (he deals with the electrical side of me...the pacemaker).

Well, Dr. Keller has moved back to do research!!!!!!! I'm so excited!

So, today I got to see him and he is going to be my cardiologist again! I guess it is hard to explain but I trust him a whole lot. When I say that I don't feel good he works his bum off until we figure out what it is. He makes me feel like I am the only patient he has.

When I was in high school, before I had the pacemaker, I had some issues with my pulse dropping from 60 to 40. I went to the local hospital and he had a special "heart" ambulance sent from UK to pick me up and take me to the ICU. He would even come into my room in the ICU and sit forever with me to make sure that I knew exactly what was going on. His bedside manner is THAT GOOD and he is THAT good of a doctor. There is a picture of the two of us from high school that he still has. It is of me pretending to be the doctor and checking his heart!! :) He uses it during his presentations.

When he walked in to the room I wanted to cry. I have felt so bad the past week. I was so nervous about trying to explain my symptoms but when I saw him I knew everything would be ok. He has never once looked at me like I was stupid for thinking such things. He takes everything I say into consideration. I got to introduce Roger to him and it was almost like introducing him to my Dad.

I'm just so excited.

To the appointment:

I had the normal EKG and Echo. Now I am wearing a halter monitor for 24 hours and writing down my symptoms. He said that it sounds more GI but that we need to rule out the major issues first then he will refer me to a GI specialist. However, there might be a possibility that I have an infection that hasn't been dealt with and has gotten into my heart. He also said that my BP seems pretty low and that the dizzy spells might be my BP dropping even lower and that several of those drops in a day could be causing me to be exhausted. He also told me to drink more drinks with electrolytes. That water was great but my body needs a little more than that.

Either way he promised that he would get me to filling better and I trust that he will. He did so in the past!!

In true Dr. Keller style he drew me a picture of a normal heart and my heart. Then he told this funny story about the Transposition of the Great Artery and the Baffle and the small stint that was put in place and the pacemaker leads. He always makes me laugh! I love how he can tell me all the information I need to know about my heart in a crazy little fictional story with funny little characters. It cracks me up! No wonder why he is a great pediatric cardiologist. I love it because I just so happen to be a child at heart. Pun intended!!

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