Thursday, May 27, 2010

The house is FOR SALE

Today was rough. I had a great day, I'm happy, blessed, excited, but it was still rough. So rough in fact that as soon as I could find a quite moment I sat at the bottom of the steps and broke down into a puddle of tears and snot.

There is a possibility that Roger will be getting a call from another church. If he does we will be moving. We don't find out until june 6, 2010 and his start date is July4, 2010. The problem is that we just bought our first little home. Yes, we've made it a home.

If this happens then the question is where are we going to live? If he gets the call will he move there and I stay here, at the house, with the two kids until it sells? Will we buy a second house and pray that this one sells? Or will he commute until the house sells? We've even thought about renting it but I just can't stand the thought of some horrid renter messing the house up.

Today we decided to go ahead and put the house on the market.We can always pull it off if the call doesn't come through but we really needed to get the process rolling. It all went way too fast. I think even if it went super slow it would have gone way too fast. It was blur of paper work, picture taking and the last little project of placing a FOR SALE sign in the front yard. As soon as the sign was placed in the yard I had had enough. I couldn't do it anymore. My happy go lucky, fine with anything attitude went flying into the sky and I felt so sick that I thought I was going to vomit. That's when I walked inside and sat on the steps to cry.

Things I love about the house:
1. I can see the top of the church from the front porch and hear the church bells
2. I can walk to the park, the library, the store, to Paul's school and to the church
3. I have a beautiful MASSIVE front porch with a lovely white porch swing
4. The house was built in the 1940's and has been completely remodeled
5. I have two bay windows
6. The massive old tree in the back that the squirrels and birds get fed from!
7. My maiden name in carved into the chimney in the attic.
- when we were looking for a house to buy I prayed to God to give me a sign. A real, see with your eyes sign. While we were looking at this house Roger climbed up in the attic and yelled down "Jess, you are not going to believe this! Come up here and look at this." Carved into the chimney is the name Edgar Singleton. I started to cry. We took it as a sign and bought the house!
8. The door bell is chimes
9. I can ride my bike through the living room and make my mom scream "don't you ride that bike in the house" and respond "HA HA mom it is MY house and MY rules!!"
10. The fire place
11. The old door knobs. Even if they don't have locks and the kids can run in on you at any time (adds some adventure!!)
12.The front steps
13. The chandelier in our bedroom over our bed
14. The beautifully all female mail box
15. It is our first home!

Here are some random pictures in no real order at all:

The day we moved in I decided to slide down the stairs to break the house in.

The door bell chimes. They are music to my ears

Riding my bike through the house always gets giggles out of the kids
Snuggling by the fireplace
The old door knobs

The house

The FOR SALE sign in the front :(

The mail box that Roger thinks is way too female

Edgar Singleton carved into the chimney in the attic

The chandelier in our room

Front porch sittin' on a saturday mornin'

But alas, it is just a house. I get to feeling better when I know that all the people and things within the shell of this old 1940's dream land get to come with me! I;m blessed to at least have these memories of our first home. And if the whole church call thing doesn't work out then well, I guess there will be plenty more summers of front porch sittin', ice te makin', library/park walkin' for me!

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