Saturday, May 8, 2010

funny conversation

Funny little conversation between Roger and I today. We were sitting in the hotel room in a small little country town trying to figure out what we wanted to eat for lunch:

me- "what I really want is a whole grain deli sandwich with avocados"

roger- "are you kidding me?"

me- "what?"

roger- "jess, I understand that you romanticize about small town life. But this is rural Kentucky and there are things you have grown accostume to about living in civilization. Avocados on your whole grain sandwich is one of those things."

me- "well crap. well, lets take a look online to see our options"

roger- "there is a local Amish deli!!!"

me- "great! lets look at their online menu"

roger-"are you joking? are you trying to be funny?"

me-"no. what?"

roger- "jess, they don't have cars. they don't have an online menu."

me-"crap. I'm hungry and in the middle of no where. I just want an avocado on my deli sandwich and some fresh fruit on the side.'

roger- "do you want to piss people off by demanding that the meat be local as well?"

me- "Is there at least a Subway somewhere?"

And off we go in search of food. I am yet again taught that I need to be more humble.

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  1. haha I love this, an online Amish menu. You're funny.