Thursday, April 1, 2010

The do it 4 you project

I have a friend, Amanda, who works as assistant editor for Kentucky Monthly Magazine. Amanda has a great talent in being crafty. Walking into her house is like walking into an Art gallery. I'm pretty sure her garage even resembles an art studio. Who knows what crafty things one might find in the garage of a crafty person! Beware. You might be attacked by glitter.

One morning while driving to work, exhausted after a weekend full of crafting to make her already crafty home even more crafter, the Holy Spirit began to tickle her soul. The simple question popped into her head "what if I use my talents that I have been blessed with, to bless others?"  From there came the launch of the"Do it 4 You" project.  Take a look at the website to get a better understanding and to become a part of this.

You can also find more information at her personal crafty blog:

So, today I am going to talk about my DI4  and how each day I Do it for my children so that they see the love of Christ through me. But getting to the point of feeling comfortable in my call to ministry has not been easy.
My major obstacle has been valuing my call, my talent. Simply put, parenthood is hard. God has currently placed me in the full time ministry of a stay-at-home parent. If I were to do anything other than what I am doing right now, I would feel that I was out of the will of God. But on days when Anna has been up all night screaming, Paul is asking me the same question over and over again, Roger has worked countless hours at the church and I am yearning for some adult interaction, I begin to feel overwhelmed. I start daydreaming about getting some mundane job with a nice quite office, with lots of paper work and sending the kids to daycare so that all I'll have to do during the week is feed them dinner and put them to bed. 
After about a year of internal wrestling I began to view family raising as an act of mercy that allows me to experience the presence of God, on a daily bases, through my children.  The simple acts of feeding, clothing, bathing and cuddling two small children in need of my love and care is a humbling experience. I truly see myself as a missionary. My home is my mission field.  It is where God has placed me. 

That is my DI4!!!  What is yours?  It could be something you are doing right now. It probably is. It just takes someone to point it out to you, to get you thinking about the deeper meaning behind those simple acts that you feel compelled to do on a daily bases. Each of us have talents and passions. We just need to take the time to change our thinking from self to others. Take the time and join the project. Are you waiting for a small Holy nudge?  This is your nudge!  Go do it!!  Do it 4 ..........?


  1. Thank you so much for sharing this, Jessica. It's beautiful and you are right, being a stay-at-home mom is a full-time ministry that is often overlooked. But someday you're children will think back to all of the wonderful, off-the-wall things you did with them during this time (filling a bathtub with snow?!?! Geez, I want to come live with you!) and they'll bless you for it. You and Roger both are such wonderful people and I'm blessed to count you as friends.

  2. To view parenting as a way to experience God is a truly lovley thought - one kids and parents alike need to remember! thanks for the inspiration - your lovely words touched my heart!!!

    ~ Emily N. from "too Blessed to Stress"