Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Anna Attacks Kroger

Took Anna and Paul to Kroger this afternoon. Probably will NEVER do that ever ever ever again. First of all they demanded that they get to ride in that big cart with a MASSIVE car added on to the front. Oh my. I run into everything and everyone when I try to maneuver that thing through the store "sorry" "excuse me" "ANNA get back in there" "Paul you put that back on the shelf now, i said now, immediately now"

About 5 minutes into the shopping adventure Anna let the whole store know that she was in desperate need of a snack. So, being the nut parent I am, I left Roger with the cart and made a mad dash to get some goldfish........from the cracker aisle. After assuring Paul that we would pay for it later, the children began fighting over who held the cracker bag.

I had been wanting to get a card for someone so I took Anna with me while Paul chilled out in the cart eating the crackers. As I was looking at the cards Anna eyed some stuffed animals set up for easter. Well, let's just say she attacked the whole shelf and she won. As I was trying to clean up the stuffed animal mess in the aisle Anna decided she needed to look for a greeting card and proceeded to pull an ungodly amount of cards from the files. I had no clue where they went so I shoved them all back into one that looked empty and gave up on getting card for someone.

It doesn't end there.

While Roger was at the pharmacy getting my medicine refilled I attempted to keep the kids entertained by letting them smell the shampoo bottles. Bad idea. Anna opened one, squeezed it as hard as she could and it shot up like an erupting volcano all over me, her and the floor. All I had on me was an old kleenex so my attempts at cleaning the mess up only made it worse. We walked out of the store covered in pink shampoo. :(

So, I confess, I am one of those mothers in the store with her children that everyone hates "oh my gosh I can't believe she just shoved all those cards in there like that. Did you see her open those goldfish before she payed for them? I would never let my children behave like that." yep, that's me. Sorry.

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