Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Sorry I have been unable to post anything on my two blogs lately. Our apple computer crashed. We found out it was a problem with the hard drive so the apple people are going to fix it for free! So, that is going to take forever. I'm in the public library right now. I had to sneak away. It is rather fun to sneak out of the house. I feel like a naughty teenager! Oh the small thrills I get!

On top of that Roger's car was hit while parked on the side of the road. A truck came around the corner carrying a trailer and drug our car down the road a bit, pulling the bumper. AAAHH

we have also been having issues with the people we received a grant from on the house. They let us have so much grant money to help with the down payment of the house if we signed a paper saying we wouldn't sell the house for 2 years. Well, just last week they called and said they messed up, that the grant was actually suppose to be that we couldn't sell the house for 5 years and that they were going to send another paper for us to sign that said 5 years on it instead of 2. We said "um we're not going to sign it." We have been living in the house for 2 years in November so there is no way we are going to sign a paper to cover their butts if they get audited.

Also, a small thing compared to the rest, I lost my cell phone charger. I am completely isolated from the world.

And I was informed that my battery life of my pacemaker is only 13months. So, a new pacemaker is going to be shoved into my arm within the next year. I watched a pacemaker surgery on youtube. Not a good idea. It looks super simple but it kinda made me want to vomit. I just kept thinking of my arm. I should totally stop youtubing surgeries that I am going to have to go through. Bad idea. Now I am freaked out.

Then the whole Easter thing. Gosh! Being married to a minister during lent, Easter and Resurrection Sunday REALLY REALLY sucks. I was so incredibly lonely. LONELY. There is something about waking up Easter morning alone in a house with two small children that just makes me depressed. Rog had to do the sunrise service and the main service. He managed to come home between the two services to see the kids and let me take a shower. Then late that evening he cooked dinner for his family. There should be special deacons assigned to the ministers family just to help the spouse get to church. (BIG SMILE)

I feel like Roger and I are rushing around like mad people taking care of the children and the church. Who is suppose to take care of us? I feel like being irresponsible with our tax rebate. Instead of saving it like we do every year, I want to go on vacation. We need a vacation. We deserve a vacation. Heck. If I don't get a vacation I am going to have to use the money for a therapist. There has been so much on us the past couple of months and there is still more to come. I need either a beach, a towel and a good book or a forest, a tent and a good book. Who wants to go?

Ok, I better get back to the house before Roger looses his mind with our two cute children. I love those two so so so so much! They crack me up! I wish I could have more. It depresses me that I can't physically have any more children. so, I guess we will adopt!

Oh and guess what. Our 6 year anniversary is next month. May 15th!! Super excited!

Bye you all! Keep us in your prayers.

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