Friday, April 16, 2010

Fishing on the Lake

I feel the need to write this blog to let the world know just how much I love my crazy, messed up extended family. I just do! There is NEVER a dull moment around them. I'm either laughing hysterically or crying my eyes out. WE are an emotional bunch but somewhere deep deep deep deep, way way way way down, we care a GREAT deal for one another.

WE just express it in very blunt ways "Hey, did you get that oil changed in your car?" translates into "Hey, I love you!"

You just have to learn to translate. And learn not to get your feelings hurt when your mother announces as soon as you get out of the car "yeah, you look horrible. Are you sick?" see that translates into "honey, are you tired? come here. I'll let you rest while I watch the kids!"

Last weekend I wanted to take Paul fishing but found out at the last minute that the stocked pond on the farm was no longer stocked. Oh no! But my uncle David was gracious enough to let us come out on his house boat with him to fish off the dock. Here comes the hilariousness of it.

When we first arrived we found my uncle sitting on a couch that he had placed on the dock with a fishing pool in his hand. He was fishing on a couch in his jean shorts, tennis shoes and no shirt! Oh and he had his traditional dip in! YES!!! It cracked me up!! Then later that day my other uncle, Travis, who has a house boat docked next to David's, came out of his house boat riding a water cooler that was made into a scooter. "Hey, guys!"

He rode that water cooler EVERYWHERE. At one point I looked out and saw him fishing on the water cooler. He then said "they aren't biting here." Then proceeded to keep his line in the water while he moved the cooler scooter down the dock. It was the craziest thing and it cracked me up. Of course we all had to take a ride on it. That thing goes FAST. And I must say it is pretty practical!

WE are all just so darn country that Roger gets that strange "umm I'm out of my element" face. Now THAT REALLY cracks me up. Roger on the lake or on a farm is rather HILARIOUS!

Paul ended up catching two fish on his first fishing trip and David let us have some of the fish that he had caught earlier so we would have enough to fry for dinner. Then we went back to my parent's house and mom made us some hushpuppies to go along with the fish. There is nothin' like sitting outside eating fish and hushpuppies! MMMMMMMMMM

Oh and we got to go out on the speed boat! I loved that. I like going fast on the water! But Anna thought she was near death. The child screamed and screamed and didn't stop until we were back on land. Paul however thought it was the BEST thing in the whole wide world!! Roger, well, he was Roger and just sat back and enjoyed the view.

ta ta for now!!!

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