Thursday, May 28, 2009

tempted to pick the wildflowers

Today  I was trying my best to have dinner done before Roger got home from work. I wanted to be able to enjoy the night by crashing together so I wanted to get the whole eating/cleaning up process finished early.  When you have two kids the eating/cleaning up processes never seems to end.  While I was in the middle of loading the dishwasher I heard a scream and laughter followed. "Mom, Anna is playing in the toilet."  I ran into the bathroom to find Anna giggling, her arm all the way in the toilet like she was reaching for a long lost toy in the hole, and Paul standing there pants down holding his little one.  "Oh man."  I couldn't help but laugh and say "ha ha Anna is playing in the toilet."  Then I realized I was the Mother in the scenario and should take action fast since Anna was lifting her foot up as if she had decided to crawl on in.  

After cleaning up the drama I had no time left before Roger got home from work.  Too bad.  Sad face. He ended up watching the kids while I attempted to make dinner.  I finally gave up when after chopping up fresh produce for 20 min that I had forgotten to chop up the onion.  That's when he stepped in to finish while I wrangled the crazies.

Eating dinner has become a challenge. Anna is constantly crawling under the table to get stuck, scream for help and proceed again into the unknown.  Paul is always in need of more of this more of that or I HATE this meal mode.  Roger and I are always starting conversations that end in "I was trying to tell you're Dad something. Oh, well, I guess we'll talk when they go to bed." I yearn to sit with a meal, not rushed, not getting up every five seconds. Just slowly eating with a glass of white wine. 

After dinner I needed to get the heck away from Anna.  I'm just being truthful.  She was driving me nuts. I went for a 3 mile hike through a farm that has been opened up to the public to walk on. It was relaxing (what the hell am I saying my legs are killing me) and revived my soul. I enjoyed listening to the crickets, observing the big puffy marshmallows in the sky, taking deep breaths of honeysuckle and talking myself out of picking the beautiful wildflowers that lined the path.

When I got home Roger, Paul and I sat on the front porch swing (after I washed up and put on my PJ's) and read a Homily aloud that a Monk had written at Gesthemani. The last two days we have done this before bed and both find it relaxing. I guess it is kinda like our family complines. I enjoy reading out loud. It makes me feel like we are all sharing in the experience of being transformed. It makes for good conversation and personal meditation as well. I can see how one can become addicted to reading homilies. I feel as if that is the road that we are on. I must admit that I am enjoying the road and hope we continue on it. 

Now, off to bed so that if the Lord pleases I will be blessed to enjoy another beautiful day. But maybe tomorrow I will go ahead and pick the darn wildflowers.  Man, they are just beautiful!!!  

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