Thursday, May 7, 2009

life of a "my husband is in class all the time" wife

First of all I am missing my husband like crazy. It is the end of the semester for both of us and he especially is cramming everything he should have done months ago into one week.  Humm, that sounds typical.  I of corse am at the top of my game.  It also helps that I am only taking one class.  When will I graduate and be able to practice, oh let's say 10 YEARS.  Not really, but MAN ALIVE is it going to take forever. Plus I have to do the supervised training.  When am I going to be able to do that.  I'm completely excited about testing my counseling skills on the innocent but seriously, when am I, with two children and a husband that insists on taking an ungodly amount of classes, going to get the chance to do said thing?

Back to the ungodly amount of classes statement.  To be fair he has to take that many hours or he is going to be working on his MA for a LONG LONG time.  Who knew it took so long to get through seminary.  Seriously, who knew??  and why in the h*** didn't you tell me this.  :)

Other than being informed that my husband not only is seeking a MA but insists of going on to get his PhD, life has been sweet.  I completely support the PhD dream but I'm just trying to figure out where my degree fits in to that scenario. Rog insists that we can both go to school fulltime when the kids are in school but I'm thinking that might not work.  But who knows.  Maybe we'll both get into a good program in la la land university.  Just trying to keep it real. But to be honest I think he would be more than willing to let me finish my MA before he starts in on a PhD program.  I think :/   

Tomorrow we are planting flowers and our garden. Hopefully.  I am going to ask Roger to teach me how to work the lawn mower so I can be in charge of mowing the grass.  As of now he is in charge and well, it never gets done.  To be fair he works full time and goes to school full time.  I have no problem mowing the lawn.  I can do it while Anna is napping.  I do however have a problem with having a hayfield in my front yard.  It drives me nutts.  I'm a neat freak and that yard is part of my "need to clean" space.

Alright enough of that.  I was just a bit lonely and trying not to be tempted by the new Greys Anatomy.  I stopped watching the show when the story line got a little weird but I am tempted to watch the wedding of Meredith and oh what's his name, that hot "look at my puppy eyes I'm so humble and patient"  male doctor.  Man, he sure is fun to look at isn't he.  :)  you know he is.   

Ps: I went to the monastery tuesday! Got to go to Thomas Merton's hermitage.  And Father Michael took me on a private tour of the "monks only" section.  I'll have to write a blog about.  It was a GREAT day.   

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