Thursday, November 15, 2012

We take flight

I was sweeping the floor this afternoon, the kitchen floor, it was driving me crazy and I was having one of those "I have got to clean this floor" moments, when my phone rang.

It was Roger on the other end.

"Hey!  I've got some good news."

Oh no, I thought, here it goes, he is going to ask me out on a date when he KNOWS that I have too much on my mind to drop everything and go on a random date, no matter how much I want to go on a date with him.

"listen, how would you feel about spending the evening at the airport?"

My heart dropped.  I immediately thought about my friend who I had dropped off at the airport earlier that day.  The last time I saw her I wasn't quite sure she would make it on her flight.  She had never flown before and was full of anxious tension.

I yelled out in the saddest shocked voice ever.  "oh my gosh,  did she not get on the plane?"  

After an hysterical laugh from the other end of the phone, Roger began to explain that 
one of our friends was taking their personal Cessna up for an evening fly, thought about how much Paul has been wanting to fly and decided to give us a call to see if we were up for a ride.

Roger took great pleasure in the fact that he was able to come home from work and say "hey kids, I have a surprise for you.  Do you want to go for a ride in an airplane?!?!?!"

It was everything Paul had ever dreamed of.

Anna had a great time too.  
When she gets really super excited she gets really super quiet.
Here is a video of her first take off.

Thank you Mr Bill for making our dreams come true! -  Paul and Anna

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