Tuesday, October 30, 2012

I have no clue what is up with me today.

This morning I tried to make coffee and ended up getting about 4 cups of it all over the counter.

I hadn't put the filter holder thingy in correct and had no clue.  The little timer went off telling me that I had coffee but then when I went to pour it in my cup it there was none.  I looked at the machine very strangely for a long time before calling Roger at the office. I got the answering machine right about the time I figured out that I had put the filter holder thingy in wrong. When I reached in to move it, it being full of HOT coffee water, still on the phone with the answering machine, I burnt my hand.  Then, because I had moved it to the correct position, the water started filtering through. The only problem was that the coffee pot was NOT in the machine. Coffee started going EVERYWHERE and I coudn't figure out how to stop it.
This whole time I STILL have the phone in my hand and Roger's answering machine is STILL recording me.  

This afternoon, while vacuuming, I noticed that powdery stuff was coming out of the side of the vacuum.  I thought it a bit odd, but just kept right along. When I got finished I decided to change the bag since I hadn't changed it in a LONG time. I thought it strange that the little light indicating a need for a change hadn't come on.  I pulled the front of the vacuum off and out came a MASSIVE amount of dust and dirt . . . all over the carpet.  "ROGER!  HELP! OH DEAR LORD!  FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE I CAN'T WIN TODAY."

Tonight, after tucking the kids into bed, I took off quickly into my bedroom to grab something. And if i didn't trip over a big suitcase.  I have no clue how that suitcase got there.  

I finally broke down and bought new jammies!  All of the others have BIG holes in the butt.  
I figured since the holidays are approaching, and that I will be spending the night with lots of family, I should finally give up the holy pjs.   I'm sure my Mother will appreciate that! 

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